Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Herman My Main Hermeneutics Man Press


Did you know that from 2009 when I moved to Denver to 2012, which is now, apartment rent has gone up like $200? That's crazy. And frustrating.

What else?

This is what my co-chapbook looks like from Immaculate Disciples Press. So excited that they care to put this double chapbook out into the world:


Today it's warm & sunny. My desk swarms with paper cranes, post-it notes, paper clips. Today I'm discussing McMorris's Entrepot and excerpts from Walter Benjamin in my poetry workshop. I'm pumped.


Roxanne Carter said...

do you have the same apartment? that is insane.

Roxanne Carter said...

ps. lovely chapbook!!

Julia Cohen said...

Yeah, my rent is still $575.00 including utilities!