Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pencils for Protein! Press

I'm starting a campaign on behalf of pencils that want more protein in their diet. Pencils for Protein!


Or, maybe it's like Overly Concerned People Who Think Pencils Need More Protein!


"Oh hey there lil' pencil. I didn't see you, you're lookin' so thin. WANT SOME PROTEIN?"

Oh, why don't you try this ZONE cookie dough bar. Then you can tell me how in god's forsaken world it is considered a health bar. IT'S PURE COOKIE DOUGH & PRESERVATIVES:

I went to my friend's art opening the first friday of Jan, when many studios and galleries are open to the public, and this one gallery had a bowl of these ZONE bars, as if they were pistachios or grapes.

I took two.


On a more sane note, sort of, Mathias Svalina and I have two bestiaries up at Dark Sky Magazine. Where? RIGHT HERE.

Oh yes, we're writing a book of bestiaries. Maybe we'll need to add the Zone Bar to the list of beasts.

Also, check out Brian Foley's poem up at Dark Sky Magazine, too. Oh yes you should.

I emailed my Colorado representative and 2 senators about SOPA & PIPA. I recommend you do that too, where ever you are. Join the "End Piracy, Save Liberty" campaign (admittedly, it is way better than Pfp!):


Or: if you go to wikki, it will direct you to your own state reps and senators when you plug in your zip code.

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