Sunday, December 25, 2011

When the Sun Blinds the Book Press

One Act Play at the End of Xmas Eve Dinner:

Guest: That was where is the launcher?
Parent: I have the rockets.
Guest: Are those the matches?
Julia: No, that's my camera.
(mother finds matches, guests & family go to the patio to explode things)


the End.


Yes, a very exciting Christmas Eve! I ate so much food I could hardly move, yet we still managed to light 3 sky lanterns & float them into the night, and then launch some rockets, polishing it off with 3 foot long sparklers.


Um, in all seriousness, though, I do feel very lucky to have spent the evening eating delicious food & meeting my parents' friends. Friends who like to cook delicious food & explode things, too. I feel very lucky that I get to not just hear about my parents' lives in Mexico, but be a part of the adventure.

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