Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Neck Neck Press

My neck is so stuck & doesn't want to turn to the right! I must have been dreaming of giraffes last night.

I made two pumpkin pies today. I overcame my fear of the blender, which was an integral part of the pie process. I can wash the blender when it's in the sink, but I really don't like to use it: it sounds like the world is collapsing into shredded newspaper & sleet & demented goats. Is this like how dogs fear vacuum cleaners? I am a dog? Are you a vacuum?

Tonight I'm going to make dinner & then watch as many movies as I can. I just spelled movies as "moovies."


Cindy said...

What moovies? Cowpocalypse. Udder Chaos.

Julia Cohen said...

Ok, the moovies got "udderly" sidetracked for Project Runway Season 8. I just cannot resist.