Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Reached for the Ruins Press

Well, my parents have a frog made out of sugar in their study room. I would like to show it to you. Coming out of the darkness:

I like it's sloppy mouth.

The only thing not edible about it: sequined eyes. I'm glad it has an anus.
I went to newly excavated ruins in San Miguel yesterday. The archeologists are waiting for DNA samples to determine who actually build them and lived there between 440-1110 AD, although right now they think the Otomi tribe:

We were allowed to climb on them. That was awesome & weird.

Laura Sims has poems up at Omni Verse:
this awesome line is in her poem: "We with our canons and spaceships were children"

Also, if you're in NY tonight, I hope you go to this. I've known Mitch maybe since he was 19. He broke 2 teeth on a cookie:

One and all,

If you find yourself in town this Thursday, December 22nd,
then may I recommend you join us for an eve of raucous
soul-punk-love-core music?

Lech Szporer - vocals, keys, clarinet
Mitch Van Dusen - drums

w/ special guest Marissa Mickelberg on keys, guitar and vocals

But that's not all!

The Controversy will share the stage this eve (Matt Blair, Lech and Marissa
on vocals/guitar/keys/drums)

This is Kill Me Lover's first show on the town and are looking for a
crowd to warm the room with. We would like you to be
amongst that crowd, celebrating with abandon.
We assure you your ears will follow suit.

Thursday, December 22nd at 10 PM sharp
The Trash Bar
256 Grand St.
Williamsburg, BK
$7 21+

Forward this email and bring your friends!

May your feet find you there,


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