Friday, November 18, 2011

Jagaur Average Press

Jaguar Average
(for Zach & Mathias)

there is a loose tangerine jaguar flinging itself against
a tough year, remind me
of spinsters engulfed in a jungle, slapping again.
A belief reviewed into dust or: rivered prize morbid opening
already dead. Inside the pets
our pets tablecloths catch
mustard & hearts. How long does it take
to get to new Orleans how long is the jump rope hissing
back to me. Taken. Taken. Immediately logic has no
place in us solicitors
in the soldiers holding pages of matter divorced from projects.
For weapons. In a way I am discrete in another way nothing
discrete can be placed infinitely. Inverted, I miss toughness
in the year of the hammer. Regrets heave through summer
like the jaguar
average. Handy fireplace I lit with the dead I bought
this man a figure of a cloud. Pets shame
the form we mess up.
It depends. On the reminder. Where it started I would
like soldiers in jaguar, mouths speculate this loose man.
I would love to so invite me.
I’m going to read from my mother, she is a world when I am
small or when the phone rings into years. Don’t you ever ever. Yell.
Face again. Karate jaguar. I don’t want it to arrive
in pieces or like a shriveled thumb.
My face is pornography, an infinite number of trees.
Real loud taken. Close to a starting point. I’m giving up
arm wrestling because I want to hold the page.
I want to depend on instinct but it’s the year
of the cerebellum & we all know the body
has to wait in the pool. The preventative aspirin.
What do I do? I sleep in the fireplace like wax.

by Jennifer Denrow & me, written right now. You can add on in the comments box. Yes, it's friday and we're sitting around writing poems and shuffling tarot cards.

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