Monday, October 24, 2011

Like, I Get How Good Ham Tastes Press


Photos of my favorite person in the world under the age of 5. (Sticker-poem by Lisa Ciccarello):

Photos of awesome poets/writers in NY:

Men who write & also wear similar shirts out in public & laugh about it:
Paige Taggart:
Ben Fama & Lisa Ciccarello gaze at Paige Taggart's jewelry:
Sampson Starkweather:

Photos of awesome poets/writers in Denver:
Sommer Browning reads:
Sara Marshal reads:
Nick Demske reads:

J. Michael Martinez & Lisa Ciccarello climb rocks:
Molly Gaudry reads:
Dan Beachy- Quick reads:
Mathias catches me taking a photo:
Eric Baus reads:

Derick Mund introduces while looking flippant:
some audience:
Roger Green performs:
A. Minetta Gould reads:

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steven karl said...

Damn! Denver looks more fun than Brooklyn:)