Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Late Fee Press

Poetry is being born & growing tentacles & sprouting patches of moss & mica. For example:

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Issue 8 features poems by Eric Amling, Nathan Austin, Jason Bredle, Molly Brodak, Francesca Chabrier, Jackie Clark, Brooklyn Copeland, Marisa Crawford, Ian Dreiblatt, Garth Graeper, Ben Fama, Brian Foley, Kate Greenstreet, Ben Pease, Leigh Stein, & Mathias Svalina and reviews of Julia Story's Post Moxie, Peter Richards's Helsinki, Andy Fitch's Island, Emily Kendal Frey's The Grief Performance! Art by Naomi Reis!


I just got my quarterly bill from the University of Denver. The bill is for a single dollar. And if I don't pay the dollar on time I get a $70.00 charge. Although when I tried to pay this dollar via their online payment system, they don't accept visa cards. WTF? So this is the email I had to send yesterday:


Sorry to bother you, but I received a bill for one dollar from my ecobill. I tried to pay it via credit card, but it seems that the online system does not accept Visa, which seems strange. I can come in and pay this one dollar bill in person on Thursday, but I would like to confirm that I will not receive a $70.00 late fee for this. Thank you,
Julia Cohen

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