Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm really happy to be in issue #6 of notnostrums with:

3 poems here:

I'm surrounded by radness: Dara Wier, CA Conrad, Bianca Stone, Rob MacDonald, Paige Taggart, Ish Klein, Kevin Holden, Ben Mirov, Betsy Wheeler, Rebeca Bridge, Sasha Fletcher, Paul Legault, Ben Pease, Sam Starkweather.


What else? I went white water rafting yesterday. I was on the look out for brown bears. No bears. But I got a lot of Colorado River all over me.

Today I've been reading articles about the New York School first generation poets. My notes about Schuyler look insane right now, this is a direct cut and paste from my word document:

“Schuyler’s poem is ultimately suspicious of Romantic uses of nature, ones that co-opt nature by translating other into self or using other for selffulfillment. Instead, Schuyler’s poem greets otherness from a distance. That “various field” is not reaped, stored, nor invested, but instead is lingered with, repeated, saluted.”-Silverberg, pg 3

“the gay love poems in The Crystal Lithium (1972) and the collections that follow are implicitly political in positioning homosexuality in the midst of the everyday, presenting it as normal and integral, rather than as either marginal or predominant.” (Thompson in Diggory, 298)

“his readers partake in the organizing process” (Bauschatz in Diggory, pg 267)
-“sonic binding” (Bauschatz in Diggory, pg 270)
“hints that are revelations” from “December”

Things as on display but not still. movement, transition, transformation, ephemeral connectivity continually renewed. interstices


I'll let you know when I delete all the question marks and have coherent thoughts....I need to have coherent thoughts by Sept 12 or I fail my PhD. Woot!

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