Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Do Lima Beans Have Such a Bad Rep Press?

And why have I never thought of Repression Press as a Press name before?

Somebody lost at poker again ($20.00) last night & biked home in the midnight air.
Somebody finished reading The Collected Frank O'Hara and is now reading The Gooch's City Poet.
Somebody thinks a bikini made of onion rings should be sold at Coney Island.
Somebody is wearing a skirt with secret pockets.
Somebody is rocking pigtails.
Somebody is trying to shake an impending sense of doom off of lightly freckled summer shoulders.

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Michelle said...

Please send this to my brother...RICK'S SETAIN...I finally understand why he is a PEDOPHILE!
He has described himself in so many ARYAN COMPANIES along with the rest of them but this one is
Know how he labels it?
Poor " RICKY the GREYHOUND" could never take
And that is why he BLOWS UP CHILDREN because not only did he hate me, and my mother, he hated his partner in crime, GER!
His father?
He is " fucking" his name every day.
But tell " FRANKLIN JONES" - " EL YORKO" - " GLYST"...
I am going to fuck him like he has never been fucked before.
Think he's scared?
I know he is.
It's the movie : " KANSAS KINGS".