Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dominoes Vs. Doomsday Press

oh, I have a poem up at Everyday Genius, along with many awesome poets this month:

What else? I have been reading Frank O'Hara again today. Frank O'Hara never ends. When will I get to Ashbery and Schuyler and Guest? Fuck.


This is what I was thinking last night:

I swam to the raft & the sun
lit me among the toasted wood & seagulls
& as they warned
I could not swim back
the water somehow tighter than before
the water like a snake with no mouth
water too hard smooth & beakless


the flippant stars gallop off
to leave me
a botched escape plan
when was the last
time I screamed? & there
you go, with the moon
swooning after you

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