Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving Day Press

My friend is moving and has some things to give away. I am posting her email because it made me laugh in public when I read it:

dear ones,

(optional background music:

-one very nice mirror, oak-looking frame. thick durable wire for hanging on back.
-white ikea-style bookshelf, classique
-nice white table lamp
-box fan - so cute!
-shitty looking floor lamp w/ pier one/new jersey motif (i am sorry this is more like a feeling but do you know what i mean? no offense!)
-two years of artforum (2008-1010?? who cares!)
-five million issues of the new yorker
-maybe like 6-10 terra cotta plant pots. with or without dirt, lady's choice

-queen sized mattress, box spring, steel frame - this i am hoping to get $$ for but will give to you for free if you just take it away please just take it


Elisa said...

I want her queen-size bed. Can you like, hold it for me?

Julia Cohen said...

It sounds complicated: person from Denver, holding bed in NY for person who lives in MA. Now I'm tired.

Elisa said...

Oh, this person isn't in Denver?