Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trophy Wife Vs. Trophy Wiffle Bat Press

What have you been up to ALL month? Picnicing? Playing squash? Squashing ants with ice cubes? Perfecting your head nod?Coughing? Trying to learn how to wash your hair without using your hands? Whinnying like a pony?

I may or may not have been doing all of those things. I have, though, been reading. This is what I've read:
Nox by Anne Carson

Iteration Nets by Karla Kelsey

From Old Notebooks by Evan Lavender-Smith

A Tomb for Anatole by Stephane Mallarme

Do you like me more now? Do you?

Do you?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trump Press

So Donald Trump finally decided NOT to run for President.


Because he would rather participate in another season on the reality show Celebrity Apprentice. I am both disheartened and relieved:
His face is so gross:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving Day Press

My friend is moving and has some things to give away. I am posting her email because it made me laugh in public when I read it:

dear ones,

(optional background music:

-one very nice mirror, oak-looking frame. thick durable wire for hanging on back.
-white ikea-style bookshelf, classique
-nice white table lamp
-box fan - so cute!
-shitty looking floor lamp w/ pier one/new jersey motif (i am sorry this is more like a feeling but do you know what i mean? no offense!)
-two years of artforum (2008-1010?? who cares!)
-five million issues of the new yorker
-maybe like 6-10 terra cotta plant pots. with or without dirt, lady's choice

-queen sized mattress, box spring, steel frame - this i am hoping to get $$ for but will give to you for free if you just take it away please just take it

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is It Food? Press

Mathias has a story up at The Collagist:



Asthma/allergies are not so good in Denver this week. My head rests within a cloud of sleepiness. However, Mathias planted wild flowers & I'm VERY excited to see them start to sprout.


I think in the last week I have gotten like 8 rejection letters from various presses and journals. KEEP 'EM COMING! "I" "dare" "you." From now on, I'm just going to submit my photos as poems:

How could you reject mailbox love or coconut faces?

I saw Thor and Priest this weekend. Great double-hitter. Although the vampires in Priest were not the sexy kind, more the gross-monster kind.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Live-In Lover vs. Liver Donor vs. Lonely Liver vs. Lively Donut Press

Oh, you better come to this reading Saturday.

Or else!

Blog-threats are very convincing are they not?:

Bad Shadow Affair this Saturday! This will be a fantastic reading with Laird Hunt, Tina Celona, Keith Newton and Eugene Lim. I hope to see your beautiful faces here:

Saturday, May 7th · 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Lost Lake Lounge
3602 E. Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206

Keith Newton’s writing has appeared in Denver Quarterly, 1913, Harvard Review, Konundrum Engine, and Typo, among other journals, and his chapbook of poems Sent Forth to Die in a Happy City was published in 2009 by Cannibal Books. He is co-editor of The Harp & Altar Anthology (Ellipsis Press, 2010), a selection of writing from the online magazine Harp & Altar, which he foun...ded in 2006. He lives in Brooklyn.

Eugene Lim's is the author of the novel Fog & Car and co-editor of The Harp & Altar Anthology. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Denver Quarterly, Fence, The Brooklyn Rail, Sleeping Fish and elsewhere.

Tina Brown Celona is 36. She has been studying Edwardian writing, poetics, confessions and prosody at the University of Denver. She hesitates to publish her poems because seeing them in print fills her with unacceptably intense self-doubt. Her most recent unpublished work is My Cat Jeoffry, a chapbook about her cat, Jeoffry, who disappeared last June under mysterious circumstances.

Laird Hunt is the author of 4 novels, including, most recently, Ray of the Star. His translation from the French of Oliver Rohe's Vacant Lot was put out by Counterpath last fall and his first book, The Paris Stories, was just rereleased by Marick Press. His writings, reviews and translations have appeared in, among other places, McSweeney's, Ploughshares, Bookforum and Brick.


The reading will make your heart feel like this...

...crossed with this:

...I promise that's a GOOD thing.