Monday, April 18, 2011

So much dust between me & the light Press

I have 6 collab poems with an English poet, Frances Presley, up at Like Starlings. I hope you like them, it was incredibly fun writing with someone I've never met and being given the opportunity to do so.

Can you tell who wrote what?


Word for/word has a new issue: www.wordforword.infowith poetry by:
* Mónica Gomery
* Stephen Ratcliffe
* Anhvu Buchanan
* Gracie Leavitt
* Ian Seed
* Jim Berger
* Kara Imre
* Sara Michas-Martin
* Serena M. Tome
* Karen Lepri
* Kate Dougherty
* Lily Ladewig
* Elizabeth Sanger
* Laura Kochman

And lots of vis-po to boot.

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