Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eliot Log Jam Press

These are quotes I like from Susan Howe's The Nonnconformist Memorial that I've been reading:

Actual world nothing ideal

We plural are the speaker

A question of overthrowing

Love may be a stumbling //
Out on the great meadows

The motif of searching

She has a voice to cry out//
No community can accompany her

I stray to stray

Or break its boundedness

Arranges and utters
words to themselves
Of how and first she
was possibly body

Confessions implode into otherness

Love is the orbed circle

I will cross the frontiers

It is the Word to whom she turns
True submission and subjugation

Any trajectory is dense
outside the threshold

who is the transgressor

I’m free and I’m famished//
…Please feel my arms open

the issue of legitimation

turn your face to what told me
love grazed here at least
mutinous predominant unapparent

theme theme heart fury
all is mutiny

strange always strange

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