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on love, from Cixous' The Book of Promethea:

on concerns of LOVE:
“I am a little afraid of this book. Because it is a book of love. A burning bush. Best to plunge in. Once in the fire one is bathed in sweetness. Honestly: here I am, in it.”-page 4
--confront fear, violence (plunge) of entering love. Love is a location, a place of fiery sweetness.

“Because it is a book of love. Sometimes I call it the Book of Rages. It is a raging book…Because it is a book about now…. This book is composed of first pages.”-13/15
-“I am armed with love and care. Which is not enough. Sometimes I need to add writing as well”-14

“Because it is easy to love and sing one’s love. That is something I am extremely good at doing. Indeed, that is my art. But to be loved, that is true greatness. Being loved, letting oneself be loved, entering the magic and dreadful circle of generosity, receiving gifts, finding the right thank-you’s, that is love’s real work.”-20

-showing/telling how internal chambers as an open structure that people can enter. “Come, I am going to show you where you can get through. There’s the way. Through love.”-35

“I am living now beyond my power, I have to conquer every moment of my life, which has become immense and fre ad wild, and altogether new. This life, I do not know how to live it. No one taught me. No one told me about its turbulence. I think I thought ‘loving’ was the sweetest, easiest thing in the world. Which is not at all what it is….neer could I have imagined the terrors there are in joys. Wanting to scream for mercy. Joy is unbearable. And I never suspected it. I am exhausted. What happiness!”-42

“Sometimes spasms of desperate wrath shake our history: because when the hands of one tremble just a little, the idea that one of us might drop the other shoots through our heart (and then we have only one heart, one is inside the other, one is the other, each of us is herself, terror, the other, the arrow, the scream tearing through one another’s womb.”—52

“Things I would have condemned in the name of caution, proper limits and temperance, delight me. When Promethea tells me: “I want to be your slave,” it doesn’t frighten me, o don’t reproach her for wanting to give up her most precious possession…We have already given each other so much that what do we have left to give? Almost nothing. So now we give ourselves away.”-56

“That is why sometimes I want to go to the market the same way I want to reread Les Illuminations. Or the same way I want to see a dream of a Hindu palace, which rarely happens to me. In the market things to eat are so alive, so meaningful, so eloquent and young, that one starts loving the things one will end up devouring. It is a love story that is both magic and absolutely real; it is our history. The story of love.”-58

“Never am I you. That is what is astonishing. That is what is reassuring. That is what is too much for my love. I lick your soul right down to the bone, I know the taste of every inch of your nerves, but I do not know you I do not know.”-65

“Because in love not all is love. But also: injustice, anger, hunger, delicate hunger and raging hunger, innocent hungers and cruel hungers proud of being so and ashamed of being so and even prouder.”-67

“Everything she wanted to tell her, was unable to tell her because she was afraid of hearing her own voice come out of her heart and be covered with blood, and then she poured all her blood into these syllables, and she offered it to her to drink like this: “You have it.”-68

“‘What I wanted was that you be smitten,’ and the word fell dead center onto the other’s breast, she was smitten, a word so keen and so charged, which took a long, long time to plunge dead center through the breast toward the heart, and finally, touch it. Finally found the heart and there slowly buried itself, blade into the soul.”-69

“We are in the process of descending into the depths of the heart. To where bodies communicate with each other.”-70

“—Why do you love me?
--Because, your throat distorts your voice when you say,
‘why do you love me?’
Because even if I did not love you, you love me.”-75

“to drug herself with love, to get drunk on god”-81
-so can love be equated with god?

“It is a matter of our human inability to adapt to our own possibilities for growth. We go beyond ourselves with love’s help. Sometimes we leap over our own limits…but sometimes the leap is not magical enough, we have forgotten a word, a heartbeat, and we stay put with a heavy shudder. That is a bad sign: that means there is bad faith, unwillingness, and especially: separation. That means: go without me. Because sometimes there are unforeseen, often imperceptible, breaks in love…but if such a break happens in the midst of a leap, then something that is only space with no gravity suddenly can deepen into an abyss. But it is a matter also of how difficult it normally is for us to bear the infinite. Nothing would distress us more than continual happiness, other than the discovery that our much cherished happiness would eventually suffer from not being threatened.”-87

“I am infiltrated. I am loved. It is a new feeling.”-103

Diff between love of another adult and love of a child:
“To the child she wants to swear the way a mother lies and yet does not lie: ‘I will always be there.’ But only to a child. Because to the woman she loves, whom she wants to make tremble she cannot say—‘always’”-117

“All my energy is employed in the great maneuvers of my desires. That is where everything happens.”-131
So how is love different from desire?

“That is how Promethea won H’s soul, without taking it, by not taking it, giving herself boundlessly. Does not consider the powers of her humility because she is truly so humble that she does not know she is humble. So much more power than herself. Survivor. Survivor from divine times.”154

“The enigma of this love, this rage: it is because Promethea gives herself so truly wholly that I want her even more: I want everything she gives me, but it is not enough. I want to take also. And so how can one take when all is given?..”181

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