Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baby Baby Press

What do Super Mario Land and Frank Sinatra have in common with The Bible, platelets, Mickey Mouse, friendly fire, Elvis’ still born twin, Bristol, a wife named Rohini, a prayer, and a cloud? These objects, people, places sway together and swarm Richard Froude's first novel, Fabric. They fuse and dissolve in stunning alinear symmetries to ask the reader, “What is night? What is silence? What is transition? In place of logic, can I offer you these trinkets? Will we meet ghosts on our journey? What did I bring to the occasion?” Richard brings to us the proximity where stillness and movement meet. A collapsing of distance that renders our world expansive and real.

I spent a good chunk of Saturday reading this book and I think you need to read it if you haven't already:
FABRIC by Richard Froude
from Horse Less Press

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Maximum Etc said...

I assumed the answer was that the bible has everything in common with everything. I think that's on page five.