Sunday, February 6, 2011

RIP Press

Last Monday Bill Cassidy died. He was amazing & I miss him very much. I'm pasting below one of the poems he wrote that I love:


& to the testy secretaries & to the bunch up dresses & humid swirl
chairs & hail to that scent perfume that reminds me of you & the women

coming out of discount stores that don’t remind me of you & the rage
& the used book pushers in dreadlocks & the caricatures the hula hoops

embarked flames & to elephants that cry real human tears & to running water
embarrassed of sounding shit & protesters with hell no posters & to war-

mongers & the pirates that look like hells angels & 1996 & jody reed &
bolstered nudist collectives & count the stars collectives & the awards i never

want & the mantels i’ll never afford & the hammock by the ignored swimming
pool & dead mans float to freckles in summertime & untrimmed pubic brush in

wintertime to 12 hour plane rides buses in the sky & feet falling asleep to subtle
strokes de ja vu this happened it did i need a mickey in my comedowns & walking

the debris & to the cops fondling in sleep & to watching you eat a banana & not
thinking of sex & to the tomato off the vine to box of moonlight & frenchy bookclubs

in circlesquare & to the law uck & uhl’s parakeets the birdie lightshows & jealousy
uck & meghan & all the urban poets that write about trees & all the woodsy poets

that write about trees & rock n’ roll albums croon about trees & bexy her tees &
to understanding things is overrated & sharing the toothbrush & tomorrow at work

you will die & jumping overboard & bypass drowning & sincere birch & to i’m quite
a person today & cad chauvinistic bruhaha plagiarism to infield basehits being the

laughingstock & dreams of one time rooms & the complexity of every room & cops
& garbage can fires & sheepdog & they’re all mad at me seesawing hearing chainsaws

in the city & indian food in the country & to what people do in that neighborhood &
to not being caught dead in that neighborhood & staying clothed in sex at beach 3 sheets

to the wind & dave huddled in new paltz reading henry james & messy arrangements &
leaking everyone & dance party in corner not dancing & rebelrebel & adolescent everyone’s

divorced parents cockfights in basements the temperature the lady due date & cousins
coloring watching you pull into driveways funerals bring back family to everyone has

killed themselves free transportation & nicotine sheer stampede & the steps at christie &
east houston finding the desk for 2$ & cowboy & DMT eyes fold hubba my insides are

wallpaper they’re no walls & showoffy & look what i can do lift spackle toss & vague ways
& vacant ways & minnie on her perch & her gretting & retreating & big pete up for anything

to 2 years to philosophies in wheeling carts the rose tarp on janey’s head & shit janey where
did you go placing a gun to your fa├žade turning dung where there’s no air & bye janey see

you soon janey & there i was all crossed & thinking greedily about what i would eat & the
enigmatic compartment jason hides in in berlin missing covers & kids playing hitman

shoot you dead & spending & fainting the left over meat cribbage the rubbing down
wiping posh out of posh & my mother my mother the baby’s spitbubble the treehouse

i called home & no overdose & percocet circus adam yernie looking at the overhearing
sky talking weatherman & trizzle in his leather vest hiding who knows what under floorboards

& apologizing for eating chicken & dolly parton pinball & iv’s ontop iv’s & the royal flushing
the conveyer silk & cigarette catches the hawk i saw in woodstock the car crash the ambulance

the daybed & the stressful intermissions to it coming when not looking to never not looking to
down boy down boy the battle the normalcy of addicted & hovering & the quilt i cover skull the

avenue of day breaking failed noose & the prey & inactive holler to going on & digging the shovel
going on & it’s ok it’s alright the engine puttering the me the me the me the me redhanded.


Uhl said...

Miss the Birdie lightshow...

Uhl said...

Miss the Birdie lightshow...