Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Night Was Mad Press

It has been beautiful in Denver. You should come visit. Every day until you buy a ticket I will tell you a secret.

Secret #1: If I could wear my black, fingerless gloves all the time, I would.

Things are brewing.

1. Emily Kendal Frey's new book is out. It looks like this:

and you buy it here.

2.Justin Marks & Paige Taggart have chapbooks out from Poor Claudia.
DIGITAL MACRAME by Paige and ON HAPPIER LAWNS by Justin. I highly advice you order them:

2.5 Also, I have work in the new issue of Poor Claudia. Check out the new issue here:

3. Sommer Browning's book, Either Way I'm Celebrating, is officially out. If you didn't snag a copy at AWP, you should order one here, at Birds LLC:

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elisabeth said...

I'm coming to visit!