Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another M*therf*cking Myth? Press

How are you?

This week has had at least 15 days in it, hasn't it? It feels that long.

Last night I heated up left overs & M thanked me for cooking dinner. Aw man. I have to step it up. I gotz some fresh asparagus, yo.

I just finished reading the Iliad. Spoiler alert: the war never ends!

If some one gave me an Orangina right now, spiked with vodka, I would not turn it down.

Photos from AWP:

Remember how I said I was going to persuade you to come visit? So far the lovely & talented Elisabeth Grindcore is coming soon, & then my cousin Zoe will live here this summer. She kicks ass & saves lives.

So here is the next secret. I will keep revealing as long as you buy a ticket & visit me.

Secret #2: I don't understand why people would buy frozen pancakes.

Secret #3: I love, love love orange soda.

Secret #4: I like the name Wolfgang Wren. For a girl. Watch out, babies.

Secret #5: I'm doing neck exercises to improve my posture. So far, no improvement, but it's only the second day. It's hard to do, because you have to look in the mirror & make weird faces, so then you can't really take yourself seriously for the rest of the day. Which is good, I guess.

Now that I have embarrassed myself, you should trust me, so trust my chapbook recommendation:

Buy this chapbook by Gena from Octopus Books, it will blend in so well with your collection of other awesome books


Emily Kendal Frey said...

I will visit. With pudding.

Trey Jordan Harris said...

secret #2 is 100% reasonable.