Sunday, December 12, 2010

Throat Press

I'm leaving Richmond today and heading to Philly. In Philly I think I will sleep a lot and then do some drywalling. Get a little dirty. I am trying to get rid of a soar throat that is persistent. Any suggestions?


New issue of Anti- is out:
Anti- Issue #7. 21 poems by Keith Wilson, Zach Savich, Joshua Rivkin, Patty Paine, Christina Olson, Dan Nowak, Eric Morris, Jeff Mock, Patricia Lockwood, Joel Lee, Stephanie Kartalopoulos, Megan Hudgins, Elizabeth Hoover, Jennifer H. Fortin, Cynthia Cruz, Jamison Crabtree, and Michael Cantor. Plus a review of Paula Bohince by Brent House and a review of Joel Brouwer by Weston Cutter. Happy Holidays!

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Gretch said...

Cold snap herbal remedy. I don't know what's in it, but it will make your chi righteous. Are you ready for that?