Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blood Under Pigeon Press

How has your holiday season been?

Do tell.

Now tell me more.


Lovely article by Lily Brown in Michigan Quarterly Review, "The Poetry Reading in Real Life."


New book in the world:

The release of QUANTUM SPIT, a new project by Douglas Kearney for Corollary Press.

Quantum Spit is a collection of seven broadsides, outfitted in a 12" LP jacket. These visually acoustic pieces render a poetic investigation of lyric identity, commercialism, and race into a rowdy rap-off between an MC and his various manifestations. A turntable spins song snippets over a drum kit while America periodically chimes in. Aggressive, melancholy, and undeniably entrancing, these pieces are a must for lovers of poetry.

$15, shipping included.

You can order via the site,

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