Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Press

Some very bad things have happened this year:

The Tea Party.
Earthquake in Haiti. And the people who stopped caring after a few days.
Cholera epidemic in Haiti.
The limp dick health care plan, thanks to moderate democrats and all republicans.
Oil Spill. And the people who stopped caring after a few days, or all republicans/people who don't see this as symptomatic of much larger problems.
Sarah Palin's reality show.
The collapse of Iceland's economy.
In my inner world: I have no dental insurance.

But a few good things have happened, too:

20 year overdue repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. 'Bout time.
Mathias has a new baby nephew.
The World Cup.
The Microscripts by Robert Walser
joanna Newsom's new record, Have One On Me.
The wall paper that exists my grandma's new apartment. See all the animals killing each other? (stabbing, strangling, etc):

That time I kissed your cheek & you kissed mine.
Learning that you can say "You're worse than Reagan" & it works like a stun gun.
You can pre-order Sommer Browning and Dan Boehl's books here:

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