Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Post-Irish Press

When I am procrastinating I like to harass my Irish friends:

me: are you a huge fan of the band The Celtic Women?
i believe they are up for an emmy
Joanna: hahaha
i mean, i couldn't name a single song or album
Joanna: but that would probably be music that i wouldn't turn off
i mean, i don't actively listen to them
will i actively listen to them when i'm 45?
i really liked riverdance
me: i know, but you instinctively understand them
Joanna: haha, that made me laugh
so now i have to say yes
basically their hearts read mine
me: exactly. its like ESP for the heart
Joanna: and their voices articulate what it is my soul is just beginning to shape

The End.

1 comment:

katie may. said...

I love you. I wish you'd harass me for being Irish, too.