Friday, September 3, 2010

I Just Bought Coffee from a TCBY at the Airport Press

And the coffee is terrible. But it's warming me up. Airports are horrifyingly cold.

M and I are en route to RI to visit my grandma. Although we may get stranded in Chicago if the hurricane hits RI before we do.

At the airport I have been reading Diode.

Shelton Walsmith has some new drawings up. Go check them out here.


The new issue of Sawbuck is up, with these fine poets:

Pete Zeller
Steven Schroeder
Joseph Mains
Melissa DeGezelle
Mark Cunningham
Michael H. Brownstein
Jenny Browne
John Bradley
Kristin Bock
Meredith Blankinship


If you're in NY, this is coming up on Sept 13th:

September 13
Elizabeth Willis
Katy Lederer
Matvei Yankelevich

All readings take place at 7 PM at the 11th Street Bar, 510 E. 11th Street, between Avenues A & B.

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