Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exit Aisle Press

Other things that happened this weekend:

I played half a game of scrabble.

I stared at a beautiful tree that I have watched grow for the last 25 years.

I looked at where my dog was buried.

I helped make fresh pesto.

I had a birthday.

I waded in the ocean.

I got sand in my shoes.

M exfoliated my leg with beach sand.

M found my old Gameboy and we realized it still worked.

I tried to memorize the visual details and scents of my grandma's house; I said goodbye.



Jeff T Johnson has an essay The New Hybridity: 'Bird Lovers, Backyard' by Thalia Field and 'Floats Horse-floats or Horse-flows' by Leslie Scalapino: http://bit.ly/cqS7v5.


Here is an awesome email I got today:

Dorothy, a publishing project is very pleased to announce that our first two titles are now shipping on orders through our website.

Each book is $16 w/free shipping, or you can order both together (through either book's page) for $25 w/free shipping.

EVENT FACTORY is the first in a trilogy of novels Renee Gladman is writing about the invented city-state of Ravicka. It is an astounding book that Eileen Myles says "has the strange glamour of Kafka's Amerika . . . but the narrator, lusty and persuasive, is growing up."

Our edition of British writer Barbara Comyns's WHO WAS CHANGED AND WHO WAS DEAD carries a new introduction by Brian Evenson in which he says: "In this book in particular, [Comyns] is better than any writer I know at striking an impossible balance between accuracy, wonder, and disgust. She creates a paradoxical sense of a world that might want to embrace you lovingly--unless instead it wants to smother you." Read more about the book here.

You can read about Dorothy, a publishing project here.

Any questions or comments send to: editors@dorothyproject.com

Thank you!
Danielle Dutton

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