Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Bad Shadow Affair Press


The Bad Shadow Affair presents an evening of readings with Kim Gek Lin Short, Debrah Morkun, Roxanne Carter & Nicole Beer.

Reading is October 2nd, this Saturday
at 7:30pm
at Lost Lake Lounge (a bar, so you should bring ID if you're drinking)

address: 3602 E. Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206

Kim Gek Lin Short is author of The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits (Tarpaulin Sky Press) and the chapbook Run (Rope-a-Dope). Run's beefed-up full-length edition, China Cowboy, is forthcoming from TSKY in late 2011. Kim's work appears in numerous journals, and in anthologies like narrative (dis)continuities: prose experiments by younger american writers (Recycled Karma Press) and Elective Affinities, a cooperative e-anthology of U.S. poetry. She lives with her husband and daughter in Philadelphia.

Debrah Morkun's first full length book of poetry, Projection Machine, was published by BlazeVox Books in April 2010. She lives in Philadelphia where she curates events and writes with The New Philadelphia Poets (www.newphiladelphiapoets.com). You can visit Debrah at www.debrahmorkun.com.

Roxanne Carter lives in a woodland cabin at 9,000 feet. She is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Denver. Her writings have recently appeared in Caketrain, La Petite Zine, Drunken Boat and Everyday Genius. She can be found constituting herself at www.persephassa.com.

Nicky Beer is the author of The Diminishing House, published by Carnegie Mellon University Press. She has received a Literature Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Ruth Lilly Fellowship from the Poetry Foundation, a Louis Untermeyer Scholarship from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, and Discovery/The Nation award. Her poems, fiction, nonfiction, and reviews have been published in Best American Poetry 2007, AGNI, Kenyon Review, Narrative Magazine, The Nation, Nerve, New Orleans Review, Pleiades, Poetry, Prairie Schooner, and elsewhere. She teaches at the University of Colorado Denver, where she co-edits the journal Copper Nickel (www.copper-nickel.org).

The Bad Shadow Affair is a new reading series pairing local writers with out-of-towners curated by Sommer Browning and me. Come check it out! badshadowaffair@gmail.com

Monday, September 20, 2010

Smash Smash Press

What have you been doing? Tell me.

I have been trying to write prose, reading Edmund Burke's Reflections on the French Revolution, reading Kafka's "In the Penal Colony," reading Wordsworth's "The Preludes," and also reading Kathy Acker's piece in Biting the Error (Coffee House, 2004).

Also, I have been teaching intro to creative writing. I'm going to ban the words heart and soul. And maybe the verb "to shatter."

Also, I have been watching a lot of Law & Order (season 4).


If you're in NY this Friday:

Stain of Poetry
September 24, Friday ~ Deborah Ager, Eric Amling, Bill Freind, Laura Hinton, Janet Holmes & Debrah Morkun!
7 PM on September 24 @ Goodbye Blue Monday – Bushwick, Brooklyn

Get yourself there, eh?


If you're in MA:

A jubilat/Jones Poetry Reading

Steve Healey
Lucy Ives

3:00 PM
Sunday, September 26th
Trustees Room, Jones Library
43 Amity Street, Amherst

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Post-Irish Press

When I am procrastinating I like to harass my Irish friends:

me: are you a huge fan of the band The Celtic Women?
i believe they are up for an emmy
Joanna: hahaha
i mean, i couldn't name a single song or album
Joanna: but that would probably be music that i wouldn't turn off
i mean, i don't actively listen to them
will i actively listen to them when i'm 45?
i really liked riverdance
me: i know, but you instinctively understand them
Joanna: haha, that made me laugh
so now i have to say yes
basically their hearts read mine
me: exactly. its like ESP for the heart
Joanna: and their voices articulate what it is my soul is just beginning to shape

The End.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exit Aisle Press

Other things that happened this weekend:

I played half a game of scrabble.

I stared at a beautiful tree that I have watched grow for the last 25 years.

I looked at where my dog was buried.

I helped make fresh pesto.

I had a birthday.

I waded in the ocean.

I got sand in my shoes.

M exfoliated my leg with beach sand.

M found my old Gameboy and we realized it still worked.

I tried to memorize the visual details and scents of my grandma's house; I said goodbye.



Jeff T Johnson has an essay The New Hybridity: 'Bird Lovers, Backyard' by Thalia Field and 'Floats Horse-floats or Horse-flows' by Leslie Scalapino: http://bit.ly/cqS7v5.


Here is an awesome email I got today:

Dorothy, a publishing project is very pleased to announce that our first two titles are now shipping on orders through our website.

Each book is $16 w/free shipping, or you can order both together (through either book's page) for $25 w/free shipping.

EVENT FACTORY is the first in a trilogy of novels Renee Gladman is writing about the invented city-state of Ravicka. It is an astounding book that Eileen Myles says "has the strange glamour of Kafka's Amerika . . . but the narrator, lusty and persuasive, is growing up."

Our edition of British writer Barbara Comyns's WHO WAS CHANGED AND WHO WAS DEAD carries a new introduction by Brian Evenson in which he says: "In this book in particular, [Comyns] is better than any writer I know at striking an impossible balance between accuracy, wonder, and disgust. She creates a paradoxical sense of a world that might want to embrace you lovingly--unless instead it wants to smother you." Read more about the book here.

You can read about Dorothy, a publishing project here.

Any questions or comments send to: editors@dorothyproject.com

Thank you!
Danielle Dutton

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swim to the Raft Press

Things that have happened so far this weekend:

I swam to a raft. Jellyfish bounced off my legs as I swam.

I am watched a deaf and blind dog walk into walls and other objects.

I picked flowers.

I fed crab apples to cows.

I saw M's shirt get torn on a thorn.

I emptied out the drawers in my grandmother's pantry.

I admired the uncut grasses.

I showed S a bunker under the hill in the cow pasture.

I tried on coats that were too big.

I watched Wayne's World.

I have not yet said goodbye to Rhode Island.

Photos from Mexico:


New issue of: www.gentlyread.wordpress.com
Reviews of Contemporary Poetry and Literary Fiction

A Delicious Slant: Simeon Berry on Elisa Gabbert’s The French Exit, http://wp.me/pcuKI-D7

Adam Robi(n)son and the Evolution of One-Handed Piano Compositions: Matt Jasper on Adam Robinson's Adam Robison and Other Poems, http://wp.me/pcuKI-D9

Beyond Description: Poetry That Stares--An Essay by Kurt Brown, http://wp.me/pcuKI-D3

From Imaginary People: Grace Onorato on Sam Savage’s The Cry of the Sloth, http://wp.me/pcuKI-CV

An Inescapable Speech: James Cihlar reviews Mute by Raymond Luczak, http://wp.me/pcuKI-CZ

Living Body: Dan Rosenberg on Tomaz Salamun’s There’s the Hand and There’s the Arid Chair, http://wp.me/pcuKI-CX

Location: The Stealth Protagonist--An Essay by Monty Mickelson, http://wp.me/pcuKI-D5

Unique Houses in the Same Town: Kelly Frankenberg reviews Town by Kate Schapira, http://wp.me/pcuKI-CT

Our Common World: Mary Meriam reviews John Whitworth’s Lovely Day for a Wedding and Panic by Julia Vinograd, http://wp.me/pcuKI-CM

The Myth of Women’s Masochism--An Essay by Stephanie Cleveland, http://wp.me/pcuKI-Db

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Just Bought Coffee from a TCBY at the Airport Press

And the coffee is terrible. But it's warming me up. Airports are horrifyingly cold.

M and I are en route to RI to visit my grandma. Although we may get stranded in Chicago if the hurricane hits RI before we do.

At the airport I have been reading Diode.

Shelton Walsmith has some new drawings up. Go check them out here.


The new issue of Sawbuck is up, with these fine poets:

Pete Zeller
Steven Schroeder
Joseph Mains
Melissa DeGezelle
Mark Cunningham
Michael H. Brownstein
Jenny Browne
John Bradley
Kristin Bock
Meredith Blankinship


If you're in NY, this is coming up on Sept 13th:


September 13
Elizabeth Willis
Katy Lederer
Matvei Yankelevich

All readings take place at 7 PM at the 11th Street Bar, 510 E. 11th Street, between Avenues A & B.