Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leaf Mouth Press


I'm pleased to let you know that Mathias and I have a new chapbook out called Sugar Means Yes. It's from the ever-lovely Greying Ghost Press. Please consider purchasing a copy, it's only 6.5 bucks, and looks like one of these:

Order it here:

This book is about mine shafts, sugar, a dying brother, ominous doctors, how many ways a sister's imagination can resurrect a sibling, and things that start with M (like mercy, masks, mittens). Here is a sample poem:

I Miss Your Basic Face

It’s a matter of counting to 9, then holding the mirror up for steam.
Is the fact of a brother a familiar fact? Do you fumble for the keys
along the green cypress roots?

Cousins gather together on the branch, bowing to the water.
Counting breaks the skin & means more than the night before.

Call the middle of the mittens the soaked lungs of night.
Call the doctor & tell him that the bars have closed. His children hide
at the bottom of the pond, play jacks with eels that knot your hair.

I’ve spun a small dress to fit your sister.
I’ve cut leaves into the shape of a boy with no eyes, no ears.

When the envelopes open you find three pieces of red ribbons
& the yellow body of a dried scorpion.

This is what I mean by the color: a saddened lung, the side of your house
that faces the cypress. If they drain the pond can I say, Come here?

Step down from the bank
into a gold puddle until you turn gold.

Come here. Your sister, too. Steam blinds the grass
but hides our road. A pint of molasses, a sticky knee
pushing off the ground. Your luminous face,

they want to stand in the middle of it. I don’t want
to be left behind, either. A purse filled with berries, & yours & yours is yours.

Photos without people from the last week:

If you're free this Saturday in NY, I strongly suggest you partake in the Harp & Altar journal launch:

Come join us this Saturday night in Brooklyn for a Harp & Altar extravaganza!

Writing will be read, music will be played, art will be shown, drinks
will be drunk, life will be lived . . .

Hosted by the Yardmeter Editions reading series, the evening will
celebrate the release of The Harp & Altar Anthology, recently
published by Ellipsis Press

With readings by Ana Božičević, Dan Hoy, Eileen Myles, and Azareen Van
der Vliet Oloomi, artwork by Lorene Taurerewa, and a musical
performance by Miracles

All of this happens in Shelton Walsmith's studio, 267 Douglass St.
(betw. Nevins St. and Third Ave.)

6:30 PM, Saturday, June 19th

Hope to see you there

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