Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Took The Whir & The Bramble Press

My left eye hurts. I think a bug flew into it yesterday when I was biking. Ah. It was so windy at one point that I was pedaling as hard as I could DOWN hill because the wind was pushing me back. But M and I biked to Golden CO and it was a lovely ride. I think need recommendations for what to actually do in Golden when we get there since we might bike back next week.


My old high school friend has a conceptual book out, DEATH DEATH DEATH. Here is a description:

Death Death Death lists the relationships between over 10,000 words and death. The relationships are defined by associations. These associative chains are derived from a word association study that spanned twenty-five years. Using this data, I developed an algorithm to determine the most direct route between any word and death. The result is this book. The beginning reads like this:

Life - Death
Funeral - Death
Coffin - Death

Later, it takes several associations to get to death. The entry for Jiggle, for example, reads:

Jiggle - Jello - Red - Blood - Death

Death Death Death is 405 pages, and contains an index so you can find any word.
Order it here.

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