Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here's A Thing To Breathe Press

5 Things happening at this exact moment in my apartment:

1. We have 6 pizzas in our refrigerator.

2. We're about to watch an episode of Party Down and eat tofu scramble.

3. The pup is resting his chin on my leg.

4. We're listing to Bright Eyes' Every Day & Every Night.

5.I'm about to order Emily Kendal Frey's The New Planet:
"This collection of “epigrammatic blunt dream ends,” as the author describes them, is built on a poetics of the non-sequitur reminiscent of Max Jacob’s Dice Cup and Inagaki Taruho’s One Thousand and One-Second Stories. In Frey’s minimal poems flashes of the unexpected belie the seeming banality of everyday events and observations."
The New Planet is available as part of Mindmade Books’ 2010 series, which also includes work by Ernst Jandl, Deborah Meadows, and Philippe Soupault.


danielle v. said...

6 pizzas were left!!!! you don't even eat pizza! sorry to have stranded you with them!



Robby said...

I love Bright Eyes, and I also love pizza.

Emily Kendal Frey said...

Thanks JC! I am still working on your poem. When eating mint & peas in Milan I thought of the first line.