Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blood Mouth Press

I've been in RI this week visiting my grandma and parents. Some lovely friends who can gallivant around on weekdays came to visit me here- I will show photos soon. So far, I've been to two different beaches, skinnydipped til 3am, and gotten lost trying to find a sand pit. We noticed lots of dead crabs on the shoreline.

Why are all the crabs dying?

Will the rain bring my army back to life?

Two authors from my press (Black Lawrence Press) were nominated for Lamda Literary Awards. That's cool, you can read more here.


Issue 2 of MUTHAFUCKA is out. Take that!

Starring these poets:
Alice Notley, Dot Devota, Phil Cordelli, Norma Cole, Quinn Latimer, Matthew Klane, Hoa Nguyen, Lucas Farrell, Lisa Lightsey, Lewis Warsh, Ron Horning, Caitie Moore, Thom Donovan, Trey Sager, Brenda Iijima, Youna Kwak, Karena Youtz and Etel Adnan. Translations of Angel Escobar (by Kristin Dykstra), Mohammed Khair-Eddine (by Pierre Joris), Kazuko Shiraishi (by Tomoyuki Endo and Forrest Gander), Michel Deguy (by Wilson Baldridge) and Amelia Rosselli (by Vanja Skoric Dewan and Deborah Woodard). A drum score by John Niekrasz. Collages by Sarah Lariviere. A two-channel installation by Anthony Hawley. Cover art by Sam King.


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