Thursday, May 27, 2010

Babies Are Delivered At Night Press

So C helped me figure out what computer game I was trying to remember. It's called "Glider," and you're this little paper airplane gliding on air currents. Try not to smash into the potted plants or stacks of books. It looks like this, circa 1990s:


I officially finished my first year of PhD school last night at 8pm.

These images came up when I googled "relief":


A while ago I forgot to mention that Mathias and I have some collab poems in Eleven Eleven:
Other contributors include:
J. Mae Barizo, Sally Breen, Jessica Breheny, Jotham Burrello, Chris Campbell, Alex Cigale, Kate Colby, Craig Cotter, Bruce Covey, Cynthia Cruz, Tenaya Darlington, Michael Filimowicz, Alison Hawthorne Deming, Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Mark DuCharme, Steve Gilmartin, Peter Grandbois, Nicolás Guillén (translated by Achy Obejas), Nathan Hauke, James Henschen, Tania Hershman, John Jacob, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Takayanagi Jūshin (translated by Eric Selland), Garrett Kalleberg, Stacy Kidd, Leena Krohn (translated by Hildi Hawkins), Melissa Kwasny, Krystal Languell, Tim Lilburn, Paul Lisicky, Reb Livingston, Nic Lyons, Gabriel Magaña (translated by Suzanne Jill Levine), Ian M. McCarty, Aaron McCollough, Laura Moriarty, Stephen Motika, Darlin’ Neal, Kaya Oakes, Claire Ortalda, Ethan Paquin, Vanessa Place, Arthur Rimbaud (translated by Donald Revell), Alberto Ruy-Sánchez (translated by Rhonda Dahl Buchanan), Kate Schapira, Sandra Seaton, Bucky Sinister, Carmen Giménez Smith, Richie Smith, Abi Stokes, Mathias Svalina and Julia Cohen, Jennifer K. Sweeney, Andrew Terhune, and David Ray Vance


Here is a call for poems:

Poets for Living Waters is a poetry action in response to the Gulf Oil
Disaster of April 20, 2010, one of the most profound man-made
ecological catastrophes in history.

The first law of ecology states that everything is connected to
everything else. An appreciation of this systemic connectivity
suggests a wide range of poetry will offer a meaningful response to
the current crisis, including work that harkens back to Hurricane
Katrina and the ongoing regional effects.

Please submit 1-3 poems, a short bio, and credits for any previously
published submissions to:

Thank you,

Amy King and Heidi Lynn Staples

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saltgrass Saltgrass Saltgrass Saltgrass! Press

When I was a kid, so this is the early and mid 90s, I remember playing a particular computer game. This computer game had a level where you were in a room and you had to avoid all these paper airplanes trying to stab you with their papery points. Does anyone know what game this is? (I'm pretty sure it was a black & white screen, no color.)



Issue #5 of Saltgrass is available. Please consider buying a copy and supporting our amazing contributors:

Lisa Jarnot, Paige Ackerson-Kiely, Natalie Lyalin, Sandra Simonds, Laura Eve Engel, Tristan Tzara (translated by Heather Green), Gabe Durham, Maged Zaher, Jennifer Denrow, Catherine Meng, and Mark Yakich.

What! So you can order a print copy on our website:
Only $5!

I encourage you to please pass on this very thrilling news.


In other news, I've been looking at the jewelry available by Paige Taggart here. I particularly like this necklace with the boxing glove!:
I also love this one:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Red Caboose Press

I'm pretty sure I want this hat:


Abraham Smith has a poem up at Realpoetik you might like to read:


This will happen in June in NY, get tickets now!:

Flow - Winged Crocodile

a play by Leslie Scalapino

at Poets House

Saturday, June 19, 2010; 7:00 pm
Sunday, June 20, 2010; 2:00 pm

Directed by Fiona Templeton
with Katie Brown, Stephanie Silver, and Julie Troost
Dance by Molissa Fenley
Music by Joan Jeanrenaud
Projected drawings by Eve Biddle
Technical director Ray Roy III

Flow - Winged Crocodile by poet Leslie Scalapino travels between the left and right sides of the brain, with appearances by a reincarnated Patty Hearst in the 1974 SLA bank heist and a green-winged creature that is part Crocodile, part Michelin Man, and part charging Rhino. Performed by The Relationship, a performance group directed by Fiona Templeton that specializes in innovative language and use of site

Leslie Scalapino is the author of thirty books of poetry, poem-plays, essays, and fiction.

Admission: $10 for general, $7 for students and seniors, free to Poets House Members

Poets House: 10 River Terrace (at Murray St), New York City. Subway: 1, 2, 3, A or C to Chambers St. Walk west on Chambers to River Terrace; turn left and walk two lo

Friday, May 21, 2010

Devastated Language Press

The amazing poet Cindy Arrieu-King has promised me she will move from NJ to Philly. This is her "swearing" to the heavens, and me. This is the proofs of her commitment:

I told her I would make this public in case she went back on her word/palm.

"So there."

I stumbled upon this on Craigslist today, this is a joke, right? (click on it to enlarge):

This new book is available from Action Books!:

The Morning News Is Exciting
By Don Mee Choi
ISBN: 9780979975561
"Cameraman, run to my twin twin zone. A girl's exile excels beyond excess. Essence excels exile. Something happens to the wanted girl. Nothing happens to the unwanted girl. The morning news is exciting." A debut volume from poet, translator, artist and activist Don Mee Choi. Here translation, aberration, mobility and movement corrupt the would-be verities of the world's hegemonic codes. "Choi translates feminist politics into an experimental poetry that demilitarizes, deconstructs, and decolonizes any master narrative."--Craig Santos Perez

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Skymonger Press

The new issue of Slope is up, check out work by Sarah Gridley, Heather Christle, Don Mee Choi, amongst other luminous faces:


John Yau's new chapbook Exhibit is now available from Letter Machine. This looks good, folks. Lookin' good.


Now i'm going to campus to discuss The Winter's Tale, which begins like Macbeth or Othello and ends like Pericles. So many stubborn male characters in this play. I love Paulina. She's like the best friend you wish you had sticking up for you after you're dead? Or keeping you alive, like a statue?

I don't like the whole living statue end of the play. Shakespeare, maybe during your next revision process, you could consider cutting that scene.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Am Still Thirsty Press

I feel loopy.

I had something in my eye from 1pm until about 7pm! The lovely poet Tina Celona helped me get it out. Have you read her poetry?: here and here.

Mathias is in Madison caterwauling at a Man's Last Great Invention show. You could probably buy their CD here.

I am home "cooking" for myself this week. Which means biking home at 8:30pm from class and putting tomato sauce on rice cakes. DONT JUDGE ME. IT'S DELICIOUS.

Look, I changed my hair style. What do you think?
Do I look like Elvis?

A little?

Remember this song? Did Arrested Development have any other good songs? And if you say Mr. Wendal, you're wrong:

"Headliner, I challenge you to a game of horse shoe. A game of horse shoe!"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Desk Top Spring Cleaning Press

I'm deleting things that have been sitting on my desktop with no place to go. Join me!

These are some of the random images I am about to delete:

Strange Fixes Press

Oh, something new exists that you should order, please:

The Harp & Altar Anthology
edited by Keith Newton and Eugene Lim
ISBN 978-0-9637536-4-9 | Fiction & Poetry
You can order a copy here:
With writing by: Roberta Allen • Stephanie Anderson • Jason Bacasa • Andrea Baker • Jessica Baran • Jessica Baron • Shane Book • Donald Breckenridge • Michael Carlson • Joshua Cohen • Julia Cohen • Adam Clay • Lynn Crawford • Oisín Curran • Claire Donato • Farrah Field • Corey Frost • David Goldstein • Andrew Grace • Kate Greenstreet • Sarah Gridley • Emily Gropp • Evelyn Hampton • Jennifer Hayashida • Stefania Heim • Lily Hoang • Joanna Howard • Dan Hoy • Thomas Kane • Steve Katz • Karla Kelsey • Joanna Klink • Jennifer Kronovet • Norman Lock • Jill Magi • Justin Marks • Peter Markus • Eugene Marten • Stephen-Paul Martin • Zachary Mason • Miranda Mellis • Sara Michas-Martin • Patrick Morrissey • Ryan Murphy • Eileen Myles • Bryson Newhart • Linnea Ogden • Cameron Paterson • Johannah Rodgers • Joanna Ruocco • Elizabeth Sanger • Rob Schlegel • Zachary Schomburg • Kate Schreyer • Andrei Sen-Senkov • Brandon Shimoda • Peter Jay Shippy • Joanna Sondheim • Mathias Svalina • Bronwen Tate • G.C. Waldrep • Derek White • Jared White • Joshua Marie Wilkinson • Paul Winner • David Wirthlin • Michael Zeiss • Leni Zumas

and also 1913:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why Is My Dog A Big White Sock? Press

One Act Play 4:56am

Julia gets back in bed from letting the dog out to pee at 4:56am. Mathias is sleeping.

Julia: I just took the dog out.
Mathias: I was busy fighting animals....
Mathias: ...for my animal fighting business....
Julia: So, business is good?
Mathias:....(asleep again)

The End 5am.

I love this song:


We watched The Legend of Billie Jean last night. Oh, it was so good:

Did I tell you we own brass knuckles now?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Did We Learn Together That Mango Is Related to Poison Ivy? Press

This happened in Denver:

This happened above all of us:

I read this:

Poetry | $15 ($12 direct from UDP)
Perfect-bound. 72 pp, 5-1/4 x 7-1/2 in.
ISBN 978-1-933254-58-6
Distribution: SPD

From Malilenas

Destitute of worth, having no value.
Destitute of words, having no significance.
Though I meant what I said and
wrote and, writing off
the wreck and the reckoner
cash out in the everyday.
What a beautiful accident! Can I say that?
That’s life, she said.
Capitalize on past mistakes and still you
need a good business sense.
A calculated risk, a cultivated loss—
form a bond with abandon
all you bonds, form
and be content. For whom
and how many
and how many times you begin again
depends on how many times you end.


So that's my noise.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snow Day Press

It hailed last night. It was so exciting! It never hails in New England. D'Count got all, "What's all that racket outside?" And then I was all, "Puppy is right, what's going on out there?" And then we went outside and got pelted by mothball sized hail chunks.

I love hail!

Chris Tonelli's east coast tour is coming your way:
May 13th, Pierre Menard Gallery (Cambridge, MA), w/ Elisa Gabbert & Joe Hall
May 14th, Yardmeter Editions (Brooklyn, NY), w/ Elisa Gabbert & Christopher Salerno
May 15th, Dot & Irma's (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Elisa Gabbert & Christopher Salerno
May 16th, Cheryl's Gone (Washington, DC), w/ Elisa Gabbert & Christopher Salerno
May 23rd, Flanders Gallery (Raleigh, NC), w/ Christopher Salerno & Matvei Yankelevich

Watch out!


Also, in NY:

Jen Chang, Ed Skoog, Jason Bredle & Jorn Ake!

Jennifer Chang is the author of The History of Anonymity. Her poems appear or are forthcoming in Boston Review, Kenyon Review, New England Review, The New Republic and elsewhere. She's received fellowships to The MacDowell Colony, Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, and Yaddo. She's working on her second book of poems and needs help titling it.

Ed Skoog’s first collection of poems, Mister Skylight, was published by Copper Canyon Press in 2009. His poems have appeared in Paris Review, Poetry, American Poetry Review and elsewhere.

Jason Bredle is the author of three books and four chapbooks of poetry, most recently Smiles of the Unstoppable, forthcoming from Magic Helicopter Pres, and The Book of Evil, forthcoming from Dream Horse Press. He lives in Chicago.

Jorn Ake is a poet and photographer. His most recent book, Boys Whistling like Canaries, won the 2008 Blue Lynx Prize for Poetry and was published by EWU Press in 2009. His first collection of poems, Asleep in the Lightning Fields, won the 2001 X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize and was published by Texas Review Press. A chapbook of his work, All About the Blind Spot and Other Poems, is available from Popular Ink, and his second full-length collection, The Circle Line, was published by The Backwaters Press as an editor's choice in 2009. He currently lives in New York City.

Only at Pete's Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

(718) 302-3770

"L" to Lorimer, "G" to Metropolitan, "X" to Oblivion


I'm trying to get to NY around mid-July, will you be in town???

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Emotional Straight-Man Press

This weekend:

M and I went on a 20 mile bike ride.
It felt good.
On the bike ride, we saw a dog jump into a tree.
It was a big dog, it was a big tree.
Also, we wrote poems about country singers with Jennifer Denrow.
We watched the TV show River Monsters.
We went to the park and our dog got another dog's mouth-blood smeared on him.
I talked with my Mom. It's Mother's Day, so you better talk with your mom, too.
I read this poem from RealPoetik by Brian Henry:


My mouth makes ice cream from mulch,

I reach the farther shore. Come, I motion,

& you follow, skidding across the surface

on your homegrown skidding thing. It floats

along famously, as well as any ski.

After a casual assault, the sun retreats.

My elbows have gone all naugahyde, knees

skinned to the bone from the day’s begging.

I bury my nethers in the sand and wait

for your journey to be complete, sand fleas

scatter as if I’d brought a rod & hooks.

The ice cream is gone but it was good.

I nod off & doze, missing the moment

you go under. The skidding thing skids


That’s a baby

you’re holding.

What else? I fell for the poem "Sebastian," by Yona Wallach:


About Sebastian
who never existed
not even a form
Sebastian is
a delicate illness with fever
taking pity
I wanted to establish in his name
something to make Sebastian come true
something like
a house of archers
from its lattices you see a pink city
but to think of the beginning
when everything's painted and the concrete's slick
and the blueprints
today I returned from another city
where a Sebastian would always happen to me
and didn't happen to me today
I know about this
more than I feel
I know too that my wonderful porcelain cup
broke and I didn't pick up the pieces
If I'd gone mad I would have built
thousands of tiny velvet carriages and in each one
I would have put a sliver of that porcelain
meanwhile I envision
lakes and rare animals
and a leader of mustangs in whose presence
possibly again Sebastian

Wallach was an Israeli poet and this poem is from Let the Words: Selected Poems.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Heart Is A Little Bit Larger Than the Entire Universe Press

Last night D'Count tried to sleep on my head. It was cute. But then I had to disappear him. I mean, relocate!

I've been reading Pessoa's selected poems, the new edition. It is not as well selected as Pessoa & Co. I really don't have much feeling for his heteronyms Ricardo Reis and Alberto Caiero, although I could talk about them if you want to talk. However, I have a soft spot for Alvaro de Campos, particularly his early long poems, which seem ecstatic and voluptuous. His "Salutation to Walt Whitman" reminds me of Huldobro's "Altazar."

Someone watched her friends sing karaoke:

Sometimes we don't sing:

Sometimes M has a claw for a right hand