Monday, April 19, 2010

Stab Stab, Slap Slap Press

It's been a while.

Want to see a picture of me in my underwear? I'm the one with the sunburn, of course:

Water balloon fight!!!

Here is another. I really pink and purpled it up:

My brother is the one in red, how devlish does he look?


What, were you expecting photos from AWP? I got some of those too:

Nate Slawson
Mathias Svalina
Sabrina Orah Mark
Mary Biddinger
Chris Hosea
Dorothea Lasky
Eric Baus
Michelle Taransky
Dorothea Lasky & Eric Baus
Cole Swensen

Malinda Markham
Dan Boehl, Emily Goodale, Justin Marks, Dan Magers
Me, Cynthia Arrieu-King
Sara Veglahn
Zach Schomburg
Sommer Browning
Paige Taggart, Sampson Starkweather
Justin Marks, Chris Tonelli, Peter Gizzi, Sampson Starkweather

Laura Glenum
Jen Denrow
Marshall, Lisa Ciccarello
Paige Taggart
Brandon Downing

Amanda Nadelberg
Janaka Stucky

Mathias, Marshall
Abe Smith
M, with long luxurious flowing blanket-hair

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