Monday, April 26, 2010

Arugula Soup? Press

This weekend

I watched this, 1986:

and Du Ikke Alene (You're Not Alone) 1978:

Since it was the 70s, all the boys had long blond hair. Which reminded me that young boys look like young girls. This movie made me uncomfortable, which probably means it was very good.

and Cassavetes' Opening Night (1977):


If you're in NYC tonight:

Monday April 26, 7 PM


11th Street Bar (510 E. 11th Street, between Avenues A & B)
Closest subway: L to 1st Avenue. Also walkable: F/V at 2nd Ave, L at 3rd Ave

or 14th Street / Union Square 4/5/6/N/Q/R/W/L.


Thalia Field's newest book, Bird Lovers, Backyard (New Directions, 2010) joins Point and Line (ND, 2000) and Incarnate:Story Material (ND, 2004), in a tryptych of collected short works. Also new this year, A Prank of Georges (Essay Press, 2010) co-written with Abigail Lang. A performance-novel, Ululu (Clown Shrapnel) (Coffee House, 2007) rounds out the bunch. Thalia teaches as part of the Literary Arts program at Brown.

Tracie Morris is an interdisciplinary poet who has worked extensively as a sound artist, writer and multimedia performer. Her installations have been presented at the Whitney Biennial, the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning and the New Museum. She holds an MFA in poetry from Hunter College and a PhD in Performance Studies from New York University. She is currently developing two music CDs, a book of poetry and a book on speech act philosophy.

Ken Chen is the 2009 recipient of the Yale Series of Younger Poets Award. His debut poetry collection Juvenilia, which came out in April. He is the Executive Director of The Asian American Writers’ Workshop ( His work is published or forthcoming in Best American Essays, The Boston Review of Books, Fence, Jubilat, Field, Pleiades, among others.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fury Helmet Press

I taught poetry to undergraduates for the first time ever yesterday (a 4 hour class)!!!!


Mathias has a new book review:


If you heart God, why would you desecrate a tree to say so? I don't get it.

The tree sees you!

Remember when you came to CO for AWP? And never left the convention center? Maybe you should come back and come here with us:

Ghost Home Press

Remember when I went back to MA three weeks ago to see my childhood home for the last time? Here are some photos:

This is my house. Ok, this is the shed behind the house.

The tree shadows above remind me of a letter James Schuyler wrote to John Button in 1956:
"It isn't that I don't like shadows (I adore them!) but I certainly don't like what Larry [Rivers], for instance, sometimes does with them, which is to put pure color where the light falls and slime where it doesn't. After all, if you walk out of the sunlight into a dark doorway you don't necessarily smack into a pile of shit. And it's in-observant of Fairfield [Porter] to imagine that a shadow is simply a hue of the same color; a tree does not always cast a dark green shadow on a light green lawn...I hope you'll be able to paint a lot this summer in natural light: if the world is a good looker, it's the sun that makes it so."
This is the swamp in the woods behind our house:
This tree finally broke. It was hollow. I used to hide inside it when we played hide-and-seek and just pray that spiders weren't crawling all over me.

Our moss was so green. I used to imagine having a moss-bed.
This stream ran across our driveway. Like, there was a stream in our driveway. I used to sit in the driveway and make mud sculptures with the silt from the stream that would collect in puddles. In the winter it would freeze and cars would get stuck. Late for school, was stuck in the driveway.
Wild turkeys! 

Birch. In Colorado we have Aspen. Aspen are more golden then birch. I knew it was bad for the trees, but sometimes I would peal the birch bark off the tree in a giant strip and write on it with colored pencil and pretend it was an Egyptian scroll.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stab Stab, Slap Slap Press

It's been a while.

Want to see a picture of me in my underwear? I'm the one with the sunburn, of course:

Water balloon fight!!!

Here is another. I really pink and purpled it up:

My brother is the one in red, how devlish does he look?


What, were you expecting photos from AWP? I got some of those too:

Nate Slawson
Mathias Svalina
Sabrina Orah Mark
Mary Biddinger
Chris Hosea
Dorothea Lasky
Eric Baus
Michelle Taransky
Dorothea Lasky & Eric Baus
Cole Swensen

Malinda Markham
Dan Boehl, Emily Goodale, Justin Marks, Dan Magers
Me, Cynthia Arrieu-King
Sara Veglahn
Zach Schomburg
Sommer Browning
Paige Taggart, Sampson Starkweather
Justin Marks, Chris Tonelli, Peter Gizzi, Sampson Starkweather

Laura Glenum
Jen Denrow
Marshall, Lisa Ciccarello
Paige Taggart
Brandon Downing

Amanda Nadelberg
Janaka Stucky

Mathias, Marshall
Abe Smith
M, with long luxurious flowing blanket-hair