Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Modernity Paradox Press

Random Things:

Thank you to all the kind people I didn't know, but who attended the 4x4 reading in Boulder at which I read last night. And thank you to the kind people I did know, who came. That was fun.

If I ever get another dog, I will name him Donkey.

I've been watching old episodes of Northern Exposure.

I'm trying to finish my paper on Cortazar. I just turned in my other paper so only one left. Fact: I am a slow writer. I think I have to write sentences in fragments first, so that I can write them down without getting too judgemental. And then I organize them into interrelating areas on the page. And then I turn them into full sentences. And then I obsessively change the sentences until they sound fluid, cogent, and not repetitive in terms of vocabulary. I hate it when people use the same words over and over. Anyways, so, my papers are all about baby steps. Little steps taken by babies.


I have collaborative work with the visual artist Karni Dorell in the new issue of Trickhouse. You can ONLY view all the poems if you use Safari (no Firefox).

Mathias also has collaborative work on Trickhouse. His poem, "Metal" blows my mind. Click here and keep turning the pages. This is a stanza from section 4:

Certain of field, put the chemical instrument to the metal. Pretend to see cordially the you. Weeks, quiet, vex the fields of lavender, fields of chemical. Morning arrives through a cable or through the walls, new-born each day, sloughed into developer then fixer. There are certain promises I made, when there was nothing else I could do. Where you go, I go. Kiss me. Kiss me.

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