Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Hungry! Press

Issue 5 of Saltgrass is being shipped from the printer. Let's all get excited, so excited that when it arrives I can tell you about it and you will order it with glee. Oh yes.


The new issue of Word For / Word is out. Includes these superb poets:
Scott Abels
Elizabeth Winder
Donald Dunbar
Naomi Beth Tarle
Josef Kaplan
Cherise Bacalski
Emily Kendal Frey
Carlyle Baker
Crane Giamo
Steve Roggenbuck
erica lewis
Reed Altemus
Alexandra Mattraw
Stephanie Martz
Ashley VanDoorn
Karl Kempton
Breonna Krafft
James Capozzi
Sasha Steensen
Derek Pollard
Jackie Clark


What else? I biked to my Shakespeare class today. Biking in the morning I sort of dread, but I know it will be refreshing. It's always refreshing. It's a small class so some graduate students I haven't heard talk yet this year will be forced, by the small discussion circle, to speak up! Also, there is one little undergraduate boy in my class who looks like he's 15 and slumps over like a floppy doll. Slumpy doll.

Tonight I need to read a few articles by Levinas for my interpretation theory class.

Now let's turn away from what seems to be my very mundane day and see what's happening in pop cultures: M just told me Ricky Martin officially announced he's gay today. I thought that happened years ago.


danielle v. said...

ricky martin = gay = yay! you just made my levinas-infused day!!! xox

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