Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dungeon Skylight Press

I've spent the last 2 days in Boulder for the small press fest at UC Boulder. I met a lot of awesome poets. I own some new books now. I'll tell you about them later, when my brain unfogs.

After returning from Boulder, we ordered food last night at 1am from Sexy Pizza. We were forced to go there because everything else was closed. Sexy Pizza is the worst place in the world. Let me tell you.

1. I ordered a veggie pizza with no cheese and an eggplant sandwich without cheese over the phone and then waited the requested 25 mins before going over.
2. When I got there, the woman behind the counter was like "Oh, did you not want cheese on your sandwich as well?" And I said, "I ordered it without cheese." And she looked really angry and said, "Well, that's going to be another 10 minutes while I make another one."
3. Then she proceeded to glare at me for 10 minutes while the veggie pizza got cold as she heated up a new sandwich.
4. After waiting an extra 10 min in the pizza place, I walked the two blocks home. We immediately tried the pizza and the sandwich. The sandwich was freezing cold. I'm not entirely sure what the woman was doing for the 10 minutes she claimed to be heating up the eggplant sandwich, but clearly that time was not spend unfreezing it.

I hate Sexy Pizza.

The pizza was also gross.


Moving on...

HORSE LESS REVIEW #7 IS HERE! Including heart-stopping work by Drew Kunz, Jess Wigent, Kate Schapira, Bruce Covey, Mairead Byrne, Thomas Cook & Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Ana Bozicevic, David Wirthlin, Amy King, Jack Boettcher, C.S. Carrier, Leigh Stein, Bronwen Tate, Nate Slawson, Susan Scarlata, Erik Anderson, Jennifer Denrow, Sandra Simonds, Justin Marks, Nate Pritts, Danielle Vogel, Matthew Henriksen, Allison Carter, Broc Rossell, Shawn Huelle, Adam Clay, Cynthia Arrieu-King, Tony Mancus, Karyna McGlynn, Shelly Taylor, Jeremy Czerw, Michael Rerick, Gary Sloboda, and Michael Robins.
The poems might sound like this:


Gretch said...

Re: Sexy Pizza, are you sure you weren't in New Jersey?


Sommer said...

But man! You used some pretty sexy words to describe Sexy Pizza: forced, closed, worst, angry, glare, cold, not entirely sure what the woman was doing, hate, gross!

Please make sure I never go there.

Julia Cohen said...

too bad, I just bought you Sexy Pizza for a wedding present