Wednesday, March 10, 2010

At Night Babies Are Being Delivered Press

More awesome poems by my 4th and 5th graders. We talked about and wrote nocturnes:

My Dreams

I was in a mousetrap and I ate the cheese.

I flew over my garden and around my house.

I turned bones into apples.

I was a pencil and I snapped.

I was in a car and a robot put me in the front seat.

I was searching for a baby’s rattle.


Before Bed
By Berenice

At night before I go to bed
I put my hair into a ponytail
so that it doesn’t get tangled
in the morning.

Before night, I give my mom
a good-night kiss.

Before I go to bed, I brush my teeth
with sparkly blue toothpaste.

When I am sleeping, there is a skunk
outside my door. When I am in bed,
people are waking up on the other side
of the world.

When I am in bed, kids are sneaking
candy from the kitchen.


By James

I read past midnight entering and leaving adventures.
I pretend I am a movie star as I lie in bed.
The camera of night clashes everywhere.
around the world people are up awake, doing and seeing new things.
Nocturnal animals wake up and start the day or night, if you will.
The moon reflecting on the stars making them purple.
I imagine them as purple eyes staring down at me.


By Katariya

I go on a walk.
I eat my dinner.
I take a shower.
I brush my teeth.
I read a book.
I go to bed.
I fly across the mountains
avoiding trees as I fly.
I fight vicious monsters
and gain victory for America.
I wake in my room,
time for breakfast.

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claire said...

Julia, these are amazing! "I was a pencil and I snapped." Are you volunteer teaching?
~ Claire (Donato)