Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Flower Is Smelling Like a Cookie Press

So, I mentioned that I've been teaching poetry to 4th and 5th graders. Here are some great poems they wrote last week, modeled on Brainard's "I Remember" series. I've kept them anonymous so I think this is okay to post:

I Remember

I remember feeling the pain of the cactus in my leg.

I remember smelling the air in Mexico.

I remember riding a horse with my uncle.

I remember falling down on the couch with my bottle and blanket when I was very small.


I Remember

I remember finding a deer post with my friends.

I remember how if you tap a lemon next to your ear it sounds like a Cherokee war dance.

I remember when I painted my dog red.

I remember how I go to my grandma’s every summer.

I remember snowboarding my first tall blue.

I remember being the ring bearer in my brother’s wedding.


I Remember

I remember being stabbed in the finger by my best friend.

I remember being pushed down a hill learning how to ride a bike.

I remember the taste of an orange with no flaws on the skin.

I remember being tickled by my dog and getting licked to death.

I remember being on a plane for the first time.

I remember that all seven of my pets were killed or died.

I remember seeing my brother in his first play.

I remember seeing the beautiful face of my baby sister.


I Remember

I remember the sound a leaf makes when you step on it in the fall.

I remember playing a giant chess game with my dad in Utah.

I remember getting in trouble for going behind the wall.


I Remember

I remember peeking over the edge of a cliff into the dark cold water that I was about to jump into.

I remember how big the TV seemed when I was younger.

I remember seeing the big wild black bear and thinking it was a shadow.

I remember the long green vines of grapes in my backyard.

I remember getting a guitar for Christmas and how out of tune it was.

I remember sitting on the front porch and watching the horizon turn color and the wad of clouds turn pink.


I Remember

I remember when I wanted to be a turtle when I grew up.

I remember falling down the stairs and bouncing off the wall.

I remember finding a bird’s nest in my Christmas wreath with eggs in it.

I remember my cat running away because the movers left the door open and looking for it.

I remember getting two new kittens.

I remember taking off my helmet after a day of skiing and how good it felt.

I remember the story of my sister breaking her arm falling over a sandbox and her bones coming out of her skin like a volcano.

I remember looking down the big, steep mountain covered in snow that I was about to ski.


I Remember

I remember walking around in preschool thinking I could hold Pluto in my hand.

I remember seeing Star Wars for the first time and thinking that it should be rated “R.”

I remember seeing my dog’s teeth as they sank into my face when I was five.

I remember the scary white slides at Water World.

I remember the throbbing pain and the water floating all around me when I fell off the rope swing into the stream.


Matt said...

"I remember getting in trouble for going behind the wall."


NEG said...

I love the dog painted red!

Julia Cohen said...

ominous, ominous wall.

Shane Anderson said...

wow. this is really great. i stole this idea, i hope you don't mind. i teach English at holiday camps to German kids and got some pretty wild results. There's an example at my blog here: