Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Road Trip Press

Photos from where my parents live:

Monday, December 27, 2010

Nervous Nurse Press

I've been thinking.

You can pat me on the back for that, or you can wait.

Was it worth the wait?:

I've been thinking about friendships. And balance, reciprocity. And what you need to know about yourself to have friendships that span coasts & continents. I've been thinking about culpability & excuses. Guilt. And how you need to acknowledge your own selfishness & tiredness in order to fight those urges & have friendships that expand & grow, not just simmer & maintain. That friendships can't really be enriched or flourish (I know these are totally new-agey terms) without being honest with yourself, without an awareness of how you, specifically, engage.

I love my friends so much! I think about my friends all the time. And I've been thinking that often I let 1) my tiredness 2) my relatively not-fascinating life 3) & my pure, unadultered hatred of the telephone inhibit or even prohibit the frequency & intensity in which I keep in touch with the people I love.

I've realized that saying I hate the phone is NOT a real excuse. Because I love the people who pick up the phone when I call. And that because I hate the phone, I avoid making phone calls, and then when I finally call people, I dread it, because it's been so long that I get nervous I won't remember any of the details of my life that might be good to share. I'm afraid that I will call someone and then say, "Oh, I don't know what I've been up to..." And then my friend will realize that I'm a dull brick of a person.

So one thing I'm going to do is start calling my friends more often. Are you ready? Are you? I hope you are.

The other thing is that I love handwritten letters. And postcards. And I do not dread sitting down to write a letter. I don't dread that at all. Sometimes I let my tiredness get in the way. I say, "I'm so sleepy." I forget how little effort & energy it actually takes to find a pen & write a letter to a friend. So I am going to make a serious attempt at writing letters with unflappable frequency to those I love. So, if you would like letters, send me your mailing address to my gmail & I will save it & write to you.

It's already begun. Letters are being written & sent through the mail.

Also, apologies if there is a high amount of typos in this post but I'm in Mexico & the spell check switches to Spanish

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blood Under Pigeon Press

How has your holiday season been?

Do tell.

Now tell me more.


Lovely article by Lily Brown in Michigan Quarterly Review, "The Poetry Reading in Real Life."


New book in the world:

The release of QUANTUM SPIT, a new project by Douglas Kearney for Corollary Press.

Quantum Spit is a collection of seven broadsides, outfitted in a 12" LP jacket. These visually acoustic pieces render a poetic investigation of lyric identity, commercialism, and race into a rowdy rap-off between an MC and his various manifestations. A turntable spins song snippets over a drum kit while America periodically chimes in. Aggressive, melancholy, and undeniably entrancing, these pieces are a must for lovers of poetry.

$15, shipping included.

You can order via the site,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Press

Some very bad things have happened this year:

The Tea Party.
Earthquake in Haiti. And the people who stopped caring after a few days.
Cholera epidemic in Haiti.
The limp dick health care plan, thanks to moderate democrats and all republicans.
Oil Spill. And the people who stopped caring after a few days, or all republicans/people who don't see this as symptomatic of much larger problems.
Sarah Palin's reality show.
The collapse of Iceland's economy.
In my inner world: I have no dental insurance.

But a few good things have happened, too:

20 year overdue repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. 'Bout time.
Mathias has a new baby nephew.
The World Cup.
The Microscripts by Robert Walser
joanna Newsom's new record, Have One On Me.
The wall paper that exists my grandma's new apartment. See all the animals killing each other? (stabbing, strangling, etc):

That time I kissed your cheek & you kissed mine.
Learning that you can say "You're worse than Reagan" & it works like a stun gun.
You can pre-order Sommer Browning and Dan Boehl's books here:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Loko 3 Genius Tour Ends Press

Aw, our east coast tour is over. Thank you, thank you, to all who came to the various readings. My little heart muscles flex & burst with gratitude.

Here are some photos from the road:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Heart The Drawings of Frederick Ruysch Press

Friday, this very Friday, I am reading in NY to support my new book. You should come. I'd like to tell you I think you're pretty. okay?

Here are the details:

Brooklyn, NY, FRIDAY, December 17th :
Cynthia Arrieu-King, Lily Brown, Julia Cohen
Yardmeter Editions
Location: 267 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY
for more detailed directions:

The reading will be exactly like this:

And yes, those are skeletons using human tissue as handkerchiefs.

If You Don't Take Andy Home With You You'll Regret Not Taking Andy Home With You Press

Have I shown you these before? Oh, I like these paintings:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photo Essay Number Three Press

Beets were peeled and roasted. Can you see our pink/red beet thumbs?:

We saw an abandoned basketball court:

We saw a rat & tadpoles in jars:
Butterflies on pins:
A Mongolian Saiga & JPH:
Monkey skeletons are very nimble climbing trees:

This picture is deceptive because JPH's head was supposed to show how large the blowfish is, but that doesn't really come through here. The blowfish is very large, and going in for a kiss:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Throat Press

I'm leaving Richmond today and heading to Philly. In Philly I think I will sleep a lot and then do some drywalling. Get a little dirty. I am trying to get rid of a soar throat that is persistent. Any suggestions?


New issue of Anti- is out:
Anti- Issue #7. 21 poems by Keith Wilson, Zach Savich, Joshua Rivkin, Patty Paine, Christina Olson, Dan Nowak, Eric Morris, Jeff Mock, Patricia Lockwood, Joel Lee, Stephanie Kartalopoulos, Megan Hudgins, Elizabeth Hoover, Jennifer H. Fortin, Cynthia Cruz, Jamison Crabtree, and Michael Cantor. Plus a review of Paula Bohince by Brent House and a review of Joel Brouwer by Weston Cutter. Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Photo Essay Part Two Press

I saw a movie and these are stills from the movie. Do you know what movie it is? I was terrified, truly:

I saw these at the MFA, Boston: