Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Panic of My Wilderness Press

What's been going on with you? I've been busy losing money in poker.


I'm writing some poems in Denver now. For a while I wasn't. I wasn't feeling bad about it, or that frustrated, or nervous about a loss of creativity or some bs. But I realized that until I actually started writing poems in Denver, I sort of felt like I wasn't immersed here as I should be. Well, that's not exactly what I mean. But I felt ungrounded, or without justification. Well, what I mean is: I look back on different parts of my life, like deciding to go to Wesleyan or deciding to move to NY or deciding to get a cursed MFA at New School and I don't regret these decisions usually for two main reasons: because of the friends I made (shut up, I'm not being corny) and because of the poems I wrote in those specific locations, which would not have been generated in any other place. I'm started to feel that here, in Denver, and at DU. That what I'm reading and the conversations I'm having/hearing, because I am here, is infused in the poems I'm writing. And it feels good. That's all. Because you can't regret writing.

Not that I want to undo anything here. Because today I proofread the new issue of the DQ, I baked brownies, napped with M, and I took the pup to the park.


I will, however, be in NYC next week/end. I hope you can come to Ugly Duckling Presse's 6x6 event that I'm reading at Thurs, Nov 19th. I will even wear a dress, evem. For you.

I will have the pleasure of reading with: Maureen Thorson, Lee Norton, John Surowiecki, John High, & John Coletti.

Thursday, Nov 19, at 7:30pm
Presenting readings from 6X6 magazine
at Shelton Walsmith's Studio
267 Douglass St. (at Third Ave.), Brooklyn (map)
(just take the 2/3/4/5/R/N to Atlantic Pacific in Brooklyn)

So come, okay? We can all hug each other.


Yesterday I read a poem that referenced Cory Matthews from the TV show of the 90s Boy Meets World. And then I thought "Did my ex from college look like Cory?" This is Ben Savage (Fred Savage's younger brother), who played Cory:

Ok, this is the ex (middle person):

Do you see the resemblance?

What movie stars DMX, NAS, and Method Man?

What movie starts with a robbery and an acapella version of "Back to Life" by Soul II Soul?

Oh yes, Belly.

Since I had questionable taste in friends my freshman year of college, I have seen the intro to Belly maybe 15 times:
Seriously, you should watch the intro.