Monday, November 30, 2009

Microfilm Vs. Microfilch

Um, this came up as a result of a late night google search:

I'm Julia, My Cousin Is Anna, and Then My Aunt When and Named My Other Cousin Julianna Press

True story.


I'm in Cambridge from Tuesday until Saturday morning. I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends I've known since I was 16. These are the culprits of my love:


Allison Titus has a great poem up at RealPoetik. (My computer changes the very last stanza because I don't know how to indent it, but):


[Department of the Lost and Found]

Whatever have you come here for, the basement

of a building near the turnpike.

Discards and burglaries pile

up by early afternoon, like always,

lord over this office of our winter’s machine: the wreckage

of the ship still wedged hull-deep

in the permanent glacier. The wreckage of the ship,

a bear suit, penknife and hunting knife and so on.

Statuette of a lion given over, who knows, put it with

the statuette of the penguin.

Poor drop-in with your grief-heavy

voice, take back your map of polar drift;

take back your mechanical leg.

Poor, dear drop-in with your grief-heavy

mouth, take back your McMurdo Station, and

the solitary southernmost ATM,

and the ice-breaker breaking the harbor, day in and day out,

this muscular opera of finders keepers.

Take back your overcast biding;

take back your weatherproof throat.

Allison Titus is the author of Sum of Every Lost Ship (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2009) and the chapbook Instructions from the Narwhal (Bateau Press, 2007).

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stank Beef Press

Some photos I took at night around my grandma's town:

Cremation Vs. Claymation Press

I've now relocated to Rhode Island, where I'm visiting my grandma. My grandma, who has post-Polio syndrome and who is 86, just found out she had 10 thousand dollars stolen from her by her caretaker. And she does not want to press charges, even though we have the woman on camera stealing from her ATM account, because she "feels bad for her."

I'm not sure how to get her denial to wear of so that we can do something about this. Not only do I want to protect my grandma, I want to protect other elderly people from being victimized by the same person. Apparently all my other relatives talked her to death about this before I arrived, so now I have to wait a few days before broaching the subject. I've been lying in bed the last few nights fantasizing about slashing the ex-caregiver's tires, etc. It's not pretty, how furious I am right now.


In other news, I had a dream that elephants behaved like lemmings and stampeded off of cliffs.


Last night I saw 2012 with my brother and dad.


I'm reading in Cambridge this coming Thursday but I don't have all the info for it yet, so I will post that when I'm fully informed. But I hope to see you there. Yes, you.



I've been looking up/at antlers. Check these out:


Did you ever check out the last issue of Effing Magazine? Let me remind you how much I'd love it if you snagged a copy, since I guest-edited it and, so, clearly want to make sure people fall madly in love with it. So get it here:

featuring work by:
Christian Hawkey, Lynn Xu, Dorothy Lasky, Tony Tost, Graham Foust, Farrah Field, Aaron Kunin, Mark Bibbins, Akilah Oliver, Kimberly Lyons, Justin Marks, Rachel Zucker, Abraham Smith, Anne Heide, Shane McCrae, Ada Limón, K. Silem Mohammad, Timothy Liu, Jill Magi, Kiwao Nomura, Forrest Gander, and Kyoko Yoshida

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look at My F*cking Turkey Press

Ladies and gentlemen, Seth Landman:

You can read his poems at Coconut and at Parthenon West. And you can buy the journal he edits, Invisible Ear, here.


Last night I hung out with Paige Taggart, Sam Starkweather, and Chris Tonelli. Three people I love. Today I'm going to eat very garlicy mashed potatoes and watch things on tv with the Svalinas.

Privacy Tree Press

Mathias's first full length book is available!!!!!!!!!!

How cool is that?


So get it here: Cleveland State University Press.

Destruction Myth responds irreverently to the primal origins of poetry and folklore. It points out the inherent surrealism and silliness of origin stories, while also implicitly respecting this silliness. It displays an aesthetic directly traceable to the pre-modern fabulist origins of Kafka, Samuel Beckett’s absurdities, and James Tate’s forms of surrealism. Destruction Myth brings a postmodern sense of irony as not an attitude but a way of understanding the truth.

“If I feel physically as if the top of my head is taken off and replaced with a soft serve ice cream machine, I am pretty sure it is poetry. Svalina’s book does no less, and also so much more. Read but also believe this book of fantastic lies. It’s like how you see a cat sitting there and you think ‘that is just a cat’ and then you realize that cat is God. Mathias Svalina has reinvented Yahweh as an Animorph. When this book is taught in college classrooms, students will curl up on the air conditioning vents and ask for salt.”
—Anne Boyer

“Inspired, concise, often macabre yet always joyful, these creation myths are filled with a thousand odd, jagged miracles. A truly exhilarating read. Bravo!”
— Linh Dinh

“In the beginning, we were children and we had beautiful imaginations, but we had no home for them. Then up sprouted Mathias Svalina’s Destruction Myth and we did. It too was beautiful, bloody, silly, haunted. At first we thought it was godly, and then we discovered it was human. We feared it; we loved it; we slept with it under our pillows.”
— Eleni Sikelianos


Last night I hung out with Ken Rumble, who is one of my favorite people. You should meet Ken Rumble.

Today I'm going to buy potatoes to make mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ham Slammin' Vs. Smashing the Homie Press

Are you in NYC? If so, it would be a terrible thing if you didn't come to this event:

Tuesday at the ACA Galleryat 6pm

Brave Men Press
featuring readings from Farrah Field, Sam Starkweather, Mark Leider, Luke Bloomfield, and Brian Foley.

We will have copies of Chris Tonellis' NO THEATER,
as well as copies of our brand new chapbook
from Julia Cohen, THE H IN GHOST.

Free wine and prophylactics and dips are provided.

Check the press out here:

Also, you should watch this:

Man, I love this song.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wiggidy Wiggidy Press

Some photos from Denver:

I made a little movie about how you can dance on ice when waiting for a bus:

Some photos from North Carolina:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Disease Daycare Press

I was walking to the park & I passed a little boy holding a bag of Gold Fish and he said to the little girl that was sitting in the grass, "we can bury your scar." I swear to the heavens that is exactly what he said. The little girl looked happy about it, like they had a plan. But I kept walking & didn't catch the rest of the conversation.


Sometimes when I am biking I think about what weird objects I'm biking over. I usually bike the same path to DU so I like to pay attention to how the objects shift depending on the week, season etc. One week, I mostly biked over plastic spoons. I think workmen had been eating lunch in the back of their trucks. One week I biked over so many baby toys, like pacifiers and teething rings. What do you bike over?

Sometimes when I bike by myself I ask myself questions:

What song is good?

Do I know the exact definition of sidereal (of or with respect to the distant stars)? Why can't I ever pronounce this word correctly? Isn't it nice how Ed Dorn uses the phrase 'outsidereal"?

How many ways can the same thing be sustained? When should it not be sustained at all?

Why do I like names that end in o? Like Otto and Bruno and eskimo?


I had fake meatballs and real pasta last night for dinner. When I was cooking the faux meatballs, they really smelled like meat. I felt like I was cooking something that shouldn't be cooked in my house. But then M and I ate them and they were delicious.


There are a lot of books and chapbooks that have just released. I will tell you about them tomorrow. Right now I need to take a shower and get to campus.

The Panic of My Wilderness Press

What's been going on with you? I've been busy losing money in poker.


I'm writing some poems in Denver now. For a while I wasn't. I wasn't feeling bad about it, or that frustrated, or nervous about a loss of creativity or some bs. But I realized that until I actually started writing poems in Denver, I sort of felt like I wasn't immersed here as I should be. Well, that's not exactly what I mean. But I felt ungrounded, or without justification. Well, what I mean is: I look back on different parts of my life, like deciding to go to Wesleyan or deciding to move to NY or deciding to get a cursed MFA at New School and I don't regret these decisions usually for two main reasons: because of the friends I made (shut up, I'm not being corny) and because of the poems I wrote in those specific locations, which would not have been generated in any other place. I'm started to feel that here, in Denver, and at DU. That what I'm reading and the conversations I'm having/hearing, because I am here, is infused in the poems I'm writing. And it feels good. That's all. Because you can't regret writing.

Not that I want to undo anything here. Because today I proofread the new issue of the DQ, I baked brownies, napped with M, and I took the pup to the park.


I will, however, be in NYC next week/end. I hope you can come to Ugly Duckling Presse's 6x6 event that I'm reading at Thurs, Nov 19th. I will even wear a dress, evem. For you.

I will have the pleasure of reading with: Maureen Thorson, Lee Norton, John Surowiecki, John High, & John Coletti.

Thursday, Nov 19, at 7:30pm
Presenting readings from 6X6 magazine
at Shelton Walsmith's Studio
267 Douglass St. (at Third Ave.), Brooklyn (map)
(just take the 2/3/4/5/R/N to Atlantic Pacific in Brooklyn)

So come, okay? We can all hug each other.


Yesterday I read a poem that referenced Cory Matthews from the TV show of the 90s Boy Meets World. And then I thought "Did my ex from college look like Cory?" This is Ben Savage (Fred Savage's younger brother), who played Cory:

Ok, this is the ex (middle person):

Do you see the resemblance?

What movie stars DMX, NAS, and Method Man?

What movie starts with a robbery and an acapella version of "Back to Life" by Soul II Soul?

Oh yes, Belly.

Since I had questionable taste in friends my freshman year of college, I have seen the intro to Belly maybe 15 times:
Seriously, you should watch the intro.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009