Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Wild Savage Din That Had Cost So Much To Quiet People Press

Last night I cooked Israeli cous cous with curry & cumin seeds & baby zucchini & red pepper & carrots. I was afraid it didn't turn out well, but then it was fine.

Also, we picked up some delicious tomatoes for free this weekend, and then roasted the hell out of them:


Does anyone know how much it costs to put a dog in an airplane? I.e. not one of those tiny dogs that can sit on your lap, but a dog that needs to go in a carrier thing in the belly of the plane? I'm also afraid D'Count will freeze to death in the plane-belly, I hear that happens sometimes.


I also hear that the issue of Effing that I guest edited is now available. Many thanks to Scott Pierce for allowing me to edit issue #8.

Featuring work by:
Christian Hawkey, Lynn Xu, Dorothy Lasky, Tony Tost, Graham Foust, Farrah Field, Aaron Kunin, Mark Bibbins, Akilah Oliver, Kimberly Lyons, Justin Marks, Rachel Zucker, Abraham Smith, Anne Heide, Shane McCrae, Ada Limón, K. Silem Mohammad, Timothy Liu, Jill Magi, Kiwao Nomura, Forrest Gander, and Kyoko Yoshida

Buy a copy here: Effing Magazine
7x8, 72 pages
printed in an edition of 300
fall 2009

Please buy a copy because 1) these poets are killer and 2) prove to Scott I did right by him.



Cynthia King said...

85-100 bucks and it has to be good weather -- not too hot or cold or they won't let the pets fly.

Julia Cohen said...


Anders Peterson said...

totally. sally's been figuring out how it works. on american, for example, it has to be between 45 and 85 degrees or no dice (without a note from the vet, evidently, with 20 degrees being the absolute no-no line). makes unseasonal flying seem a bit tricky, doon't it? :\

Katharine Ankofski said...

hide him in your pocket.

bmirov said...

gonna read this

Todd Colby said...

Yum roasted tomatoes!