Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh Baby Douse the Funky Night Put the Mornin Where Its Tight Press

I saw a piano, it went by so fast:

It snowed in Denver. I'm borrowing M's scarf, and the scarf makes me feel like I'm a bird with its chest puffed up. So I painted my fingernails to match.

I have to bundle up because I'm still determined to bike everwhere. Such as Kate Greenstreet's reading last week:

This weekend M read at an art gallery, some photos:

Curated by the lovely Richard Froud:


Review of Chris Tonelli's chapbook, No Theater: right here.
If you haven't yet, you should snag a copy.


Sampson Starkweather has some ninjas up at No Tell Motel this week:

I don't know if I previously mentioned it, but I have a few collab poems with Brandon Shimoda floating around:
At the Raleigh Quarterly.


Craig said...

yay to collaborative poems. yay to jules cohen's contributions to said collaborative poems. boo to santa. boo to pbr. yay to photos of pbr held alight by santa. everything else? falls somewhere in between...

Ana Božičević said...

is that pink blob some ectoplasm that came out of m's poems when he started reading and the time-space continuum ripped to the point where everyone in the audience got papercut stigmata? yeah, i thought so.