Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Taste Of Your Own Dick Medicine Press

So, after many trips to different animal shelters, and a number of attempts to adopt older dogs, we are doing a 'trial adoption' of a very sweet heeler-mix puppy:

We don't have an official name yet. But might be debating between da Count (D'Count?) and La Monte. Either way, his last name will be Ankofski.

Do you have an opinion or a suggestion?

I asked a little girl in the park who wanted to "blow bubbles for the puppy" what she would name him and she said "Smelly." No, I don't think we'll go with Smelly.

While Puppy is very loving/affectionate/alert, he has never learned that peeing/pooing outside is better or even an option to going inside, so we have a lot of basic training to do. Tomorrow I'm taking him to the park armed with a number of books and not leaving until he has done 'his bizznass' outside in the grass. It will be a test of wills.


Jayna said...

Baby Jayna, obvs.

ryan manning said...


Julia Cohen said...

Jayna, will it mess with his head of we name him Baby Jayna? Will it stunt his growth?


Katharine Ankofski said...

Name him poop. Poop Ankofski.

Robert said...

Did you notice the shape of his head is identical an illustration of a woman's reproductive organs? I think it would be difficult not to go along those lines. Uterus, maybe?

Julia Cohen said...

bad robert, bad.

Jayna said...

Jules, it will only stunt his growth if you name him Baby Jayna and then teach him how to smoke. Baby J!