Friday, August 14, 2009

My Spirit Breaks a Little Bit Listening to Ignorant Republicans on the Radio Freak out about Their Fears about Obama's Health Care Plan Press

Particularly when Fox News brain-washed people complain 1) that the bail out plan only helps the rich and they don't see any benefit from it 2) and then complain that the healthcare plan is socialist and they worry what will happen when everyone has access. Well, make up your mind about what you want. But mostly I am disappointed in the elected Democrats who are not doing a very persuasive job of explaining how we sink our money into a failing healthcare plan that neglects a large percentage of the population. Listening to our elected officials flounder at basic public meetings is like watching Bush win his second election again. STEP UP. I get the sense that republicans don't like hearing how other countries do things better than us. Nor do they like hearing how they or other people in their own tax bracket are getting screwed. So I don't see why Democrats aren't making arguments more geared towards persuading those fox-news-watching-fools, since everything else is, as they say, preaching to the choir. Not that the proposed health care plan is remotely perfect, but please.

Sorry, I've been listening to the radio since 3am. But now I'm sitting outside & I'm determined not to go inside until Puppy takes a pee. I might be outside until the sun sets (it's 11:18am in Denver now), but I'm determined to sit in the grass & lavish him with affection when he does the 'right' thing, outside.

Well, well, um, well. I have not been doing the reading I set out to do this summer, per say, but I have been reading some great chapbooks and journals:

by Patrick Morrissey
32 pages, hand-sewn
$6, at Cannibal Books

The New DQ is out:

CONTRIBUTORS: Dan Beachy-Quick, Robert J. Bertholf, Lily Brown, Thomas Fink, John Gallaher, Matthew Goulish, Rebecca Guyon, Jeffrey Hansen, Alice Jones, Terri Kapsalis, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Joanna Klink, Caroline Knox, Gina Litherland, Alexandra Mattraw, Susan Maxwell, Eugenio Montejo, Kirk Nesset, Elizabeth Robinson, Jason Daniel Schwartz, Jessica Wickens, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Valerie Wohlfeld, and John Yau. See:


Birds heel the sky I
see through the body
scamming the mind.

Briefly not alone, then
not alone, I work hard
to rearrange the sand

when I do wrong.
The table's flat tone,
my pony Christmas hope.

Beneath the microscope
we see donuts, soap,
tree bark chipped apart.

by Lily Brown

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