Friday, August 21, 2009

Like Your Sitting Shotgun in an Egg Truck Press

I was told I should get suntan lotion to put on da Count's pink ears and tip of his snout. So he doesn't get sunburned. So why does unscented suntan lotion cost 5 bucks more than scented suntan lotion? It's not like I'm paying them extra to take the scent out, only not put it in to begin with.

And why for god sakes does anyone want to smell like bananas? Why is that the predominant scent for sitting on the beach?


Hell no my puppy won't smell like bananas.


Anyways, what are you doing this weekend?

I may or may not go to Boulder.

I still sort of want to see the movie Funny People. I don't even know if it's still in theaters.

I recently saw the movie Role Models for the second time. I expected it to be less funny than I remembered, because the first time I had been in a crowded theater, and for some reason that always makes it funnier. But I think I actually liked it more the second time. I guess the first time I was afraid there would be more sexist, crass jokes or stereotypes regarding the female characters (and of course, there are some, but not as many as I was bracing myself for). I don't know. I don't know what I'm talking about. It's sunny out.

Well, come on, Paul Rudd and LARPing in one movie?


kore said...

sometimes the dollar tree has max block spf 30 that smells like nothing and costs $1.

err, yes. anyways, hello!

Julia Cohen said...

ah, that is really good to know! sometimes things that smell like nothing are worth $1.