Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lawyer Press

Is anyone I know a lawyer?

I need a lawyer, I think, to deal with a medical bill situation.

It goes something like this:

1)I am getting a bill from 2006 for $250. From a debt collector that claims my health insurance rejected my Dr's claim form.

2) The claim form doesn't even specify why the bill is for $250 bucks. How do I even know if they are charging accurately for anything?

3) My health insurance claims they never received the claim.

4) The Debt collector claims my health insurance is lying about the claim. Personally, I think "lying" is an idiotic word to use, maybe "incompetantly misplaced" might be accurate.

5) However, if the billing agency for my doctor did not actually file the form correctly, I don't think I should be charged for the entire bill, 3 years later.

6) The debt collector refuses to send the 1 form they do have from my doctor to my healthcare provider because they don't want it to be rejected, onow three years later, for being late. This is the form the debt collectors were claiming came from my healthcare provider when in fact, it is from the billing agency of my doctor.

7) Either way, I think both the healthcare provider and the debt collector are going to try and make me pay, even though the record of the transactions above clearly indicate that they are both incompetent & greedy.

8)I am now faxing the form to my healthcare provider while waiting for the billing agency to call me back. I need them to either prove or disprove that my healthcare provider actually received the claim form. I also want them to explain to me what the $250 is fucking for.

9) Everyone I have spoken to on the phone always assumes the doctor in question is male. Because god for bid a woman should have a female doctor. God for bid there should be female doctors.

10) All of the above issues made me cry while I was on hold for 1/2 an hour, then hung up on, and then spent two more hours on the phone.

11) So, are there any lawyers out there?


Sommer said...

i suggest needing a valium.

Julia Cohen said...

i think you might be right.

RealPoetik said...
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RealPoetik said...
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