Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Look Like A Man Who Looks Like A Big Man Press

1) Do you live in Denver? Want to hang out?

2) Yesterday M & I went to a shelter to look at small dogs (or as our lease specifies, dogs 30 pounds or fewer.) I think we were both looking for a dog pushing 30 pounds, but we happened to play with a shy, male, 10 pounder who we sort of fell for. We're waiting to see if the shelter accepts our application.

Also, seeing all the big dogs made me want to buy a farm & adopt them, almost every one of them. I will keep you abreast of the 10 pounder adoption, though.

3) Anyways, I've been reading some books I probably should have read a long time ago but for some reason didn't, & am enjoying them tremendously for the first time now:

An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter, by Cesar Aira. Since it's a novella, I'd recommend you dedicate 4 hours to it. There are truly some beautiful lines:

Slouching Towards Bethlehem, by Joan Didion:

Bivouac, by Laura Solomon (2002, so go read her recent work too):


4) Now, inversely related (or "indirect variation") to the awesome books I've been reading, I've been watching some attrocious movies:

The Horsemen, starring Dennis Quaid's weather-beaten face. This movie's overt message was (spoiler alert): If you neglect your children when they are dealing with loss/grief, they will turn out to be psycho-killers. My favorite line was, "You haven't even looked in my bedroom in 3 years. All you had to do was open the door, Dad."

So, folks, if you decide to become crime-fighters, make sure to check your kid's bedroom before you embarrass yourself back at the police precinct.

The International, starring Clive Owen & Naomi Watts. Spoiler alert: 1 man cannot beat Capitalism.

Although, there is a pretty amazing shoot out in the Guggenheim.

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Farrah Field said...

I watched The International on an airplane. I didn't put my headphones on and decided that I didn't need to. What was up with that big shootout at the Guggenheim?