Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Puppy, Weird Angle Press

I'm reading John Ashbery and American Poetry, by Herd. I feel like I've been reading for 5 days & am only through the intro & chapter 1:

But I'm enjoying it. Learning about Boris Pasternak, who I had never heard of before (is that bad?). Apparently O'Hara had a real hard-on for his writing.

Look Inside!

Anyways, I'm hoping to make some headway today so I can move on to other books in my pile. Any recommendations?

The new issue of Dusie is up. You can download it here. I have a poem, although formatted wonkily, in it, but more importantly, some interesting letters between Anne Waldmen & Karen Weiser, and then killer poems by Karen Weiser later on in the issue. And poems by Ana Božičević. It's a large issue so you'll have to scroll through it to find all the goods yourself, bountiful with poems by Jim Goar, Amish Trivedi, Jennifer H. Fortin, etc.


Uh oh, is it time for more photos of da Count?:

Apparently at this one park at 6pm, it's "doggy happy hour," which means you do not get to drink the dogs for cheap, but rather that all the dogs come out to play once their owners get home. And they are all off the leash running around & sniffing each other. Da Count is very shy & many of the dogs were huge, so he did a lot of sitting on my feet & looking at me a bit woefully. But M & I are bringing him back today & hopefully da Count will slowly acclimate. Ok, that is all I will say about dog related news for a long while.


Matt said...

Pasternak is the guy who wrote Doctor Zhivago, but a lot of people don't know he was a poet too. (I haven't read him either, but I'm full of useful trivia.)

Kitchen Press said...

you got a dog?

Chicky Wang said...

wait! dog video! dog video!

Katharine Ankofski said...

maybe da count is just an only child wanting to be left alone from other stupid dogs. maybe he doesn't need acclimation...maybe he needs a sling!

Jayna said...

Oh Baby Jayna, don't be such a gd baby.

bmirov said...